Prams and scooters for accessible tourism

Request delivery to the Hotel

If you stay in a hotel like a hotel or a bed and breakfast, on arrival we can let you find the aids booked directly at the hotel reception. To use the service, pay the rental by credit card, paypal or bank transfer, and remember to write in the order notes the time of your check-in and your check-out. At your departure, leave the aids at the hotel reception, we'll pick them up later. If you are staying in an apartment, or in a holiday home where there is no reception, we advise you to check first if your contact can be available. Otherwise, we can only guarantee selectable times.

Rental conditions for electric wheelchairs and scooters

It is possible to deliver and collect the aids booked in any place in the city that is passable by vehicles, including ZTL and the historic center. It is not possible to deliver directly to pedestrian areas, areas closed to traffic, airports, railway stations, naval ports, bus stations. VEM Rent cannot guarantee the availability of the reserved aids if the order is not paid in advance. All reservations are cancellable and refundable up to 5 days before the scheduled delivery date. For more information about it contact us.

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