In the following conditions, the "Lessee" is defined as the person to whom the rental agreement is made out, or the subject under the heading "Contact person" on the contract, if the holder is a minor or unable to understand and want.


The following conditions apply to all rental orders and are neither modifiable nor negotiable by the Lessee, who by continuing with the rental order expressly accepts all parts.
All objects rented on the vemrent.com website are the property of Gruppo Giglio Srl, which can request their return to the Renter even without notice, agreeing the times and methods with him. Gruppo Giglio Srl declares that all objects rented on vemrent.com are devices and aids Certified as Medical Devices and as such can be used upon prescription or medical advice.
The staff of VEM Rent, assigned to the delivery or shipment of the goods, undertakes to verify, before sending the same, the complete functionality of the object. The Lessee also undertakes to use the rented object in the appropriate and appropriate ways, for the entire period in which it is in possession. Gruppo Giglio Srl assumes no responsibility for damage to persons or property related to the use of the hired goods.

Order conditions

To ensure effective availability and reserve the required aids, the Renter must pay the rental fee in advance, no later than 2 days after the order, or, if not already provided for in the online booking procedure, arrange the payment by telephone. upon delivery.
All reservations regarding tours, transfers, walking aids, wheelchairs and electric scooters can be canceled without additional costs up to 5 calendar days (120 hours) before the day of delivery. After this date, the full amount of the reservation will be charged.
In the case of delivery to accommodation facilities, the tenant must place the order indicating the type of facility (Hotel, Guest house, B&B, etc), fill in all the required data and make sure that the booked facility is suitable for the type of aid desired. VEM Rent is not responsible for orders placed and not delivered because they contain incorrect information. VEM Rent is also not responsible for the impossibility of using the aids due to reasons not inherent to direct malfunctions of the aid itself. Likewise, the tenant is required to inform the accommodation facility of the DELIVERY AND PICK-UP of the booked aids by Vemrent, agreeing with the staff in charge the possibility of receiving the requested aids in their accommodation facility, and a time slot for delivery. of the aids booked. In this regard, VEM Rent reserves the right to withhold from the security deposit the additional costs incurred due to non-delivery or collection. In the case of an accommodation facility without a reception desk, the tenant is required to communicate to VEM Rent the time slots for DELIVERY AND PICK-UP.

Delivery on Sundays and public holidays

All reservations that include delivery and / or collection of the rented goods on holidays, will be processed by VemRent by anticipating the delivery or postponing the collection of the aids, without additional costs for the customer. In the case of structures without a 24-hour reception desk, VemRent will communicate to the customer the dates and times of delivery and / or collection that must be communicated to the host.

WARNING: In the event that the customer does not communicate to VemRent any host's unavailability to receive the goods on the agreed day, € 25 (including VAT) of transport costs will be applied for each manual wheelchair, walker or rollator, and € 45 for each mobility scooter or power wheelchair.

Rental extension and contract renewal

The renewal of the contract can be requested by phone or by email, taking into account the opening hours viewable here. It is possible to renew the rental contract by paying the amount due in advance or at the time of return, in the following ways:

  • Prams, scooters, walkers, rollators

Renewal request before 48 solar hours from the contractual deadline: the total money is recalculated, based on the additional days requested, charging only the difference with the amount already paid.

Renewal request within 48 solar hours from the contractual deadline: standard rates are applied as in a new contract.

  • Electromedical equipment, medical devices and hospital beds

Renewal can be requested, without restrictions, even close to the contractual deadline. In this case, the daily rate applies only for renewals equal to or greater than 30 days, after which the Lessee may terminate the contract early without charging penalties and paying only the days of actual use.

The VEM Rent staff will contact the Renter by telephone one or two days before the expiry of the contract, to agree the time and methods for returning the rented items. In the event of a lack of contact, the days following the contractual deadline will be calculated according to the basic rates in force at the time of signing the contract.

Deliveries by Corriere Espresso

If the rental item ordered is not collected by the Renter at the time of delivery by the carrier, the days of storage of the package will not be counted in the rental days if not exceeding 3, after which, the package will be returned to the sender and the transport costs will be invoiced to the consumer for an amount equal to 25 € + VAT.

Return conditions for failure and malfunction

In case of failure of the rented property, not dependent on his will, the Lessee will be obliged not to use the device anymore and to notify VEM Rent by telephone that, once the property has been returned, it will verify the actual malfunction through an authorized laboratory. from the parent company (in the case of electromedicals).
In the event of a real malfunction, VEM Rent undertakes to return to the Renter an object equal to, or with higher performance and characteristics than the one previously ordered. If the fault does not exist, the Lessee will be required to bear any costs associated with checking the electromedical.
Therefore, before proceeding with the return of the rented item due to an alleged malfunction, VEM Rent advises its customers to contact customer service to be sure of the actual malfunction.

Early withdrawal

It is possible to withdraw from the rental agreement without giving reasons, in the following ways:

  • Withdrawal of the rental agreement:

The Lessee agrees to pay 30 € + VAT for administrative and call management costs, plus 12 € + VAT of transport costs, in addition to the fee for the total days of actual use of the rented items, at the contract rate. The refund for the difference of the total already paid will be issued within 5 working days from the return of the items. The costs mentioned above are to be intended per single product.

  • Withdrawal of the Rental Renewal Agreement:

The Lessee agrees to pay only the total due for the days of actual use of the rented items, at the contract rate


All the procedures for reimbursing the rental fee or the security fee are reimbursed exclusively through the same payment method used by the customer when ordering. If this is not possible, it will be possible to proceed exclusively by bank transfer. Refund times can vary from 10 to 15 working days.


The assistance service is provided during opening hours available at this link. Any requests to replace the home aid will be processed at a cost of € 15,00 + VAT for destinations within the metropolitan area of ​​Rome, or at a cost of € 25,00 + VAT if outside of this 'area and over 5km outside the Grande Raccordo Anulare.

  • Prams, scooters, walkers, rollators, hospital beds

VEM Rent guarantees home assistance, through its own staff, within the metropolitan area of ​​Rome and the suburbs relating to the Grande Raccordo Anulare, for addresses no more than 5 km away from it. The request for assistance must be requested by telephone (or via email on closing days and times) so that VEM Rent can carry out an analysis of the problem, trying to resolve the problem remotely. Requests for assistance via messaging systems such as text messages or WhatsApp are not permitted. In the event of a failure of the aid which compromises its main functionality, VEM Rent is required to withdraw the non-functioning product and replace it as soon as possible with another one with equal or superior performance and characteristics, even if forced to temporarily provide a different aid but that allows the Lessee to achieve the same purpose. It will be possible to refund the order only in the remote event that VEM Rent is unable to provide a replacement aid.

Any requests for assistance outside this area but within the province of Rome can be processed with a transport contribution of € 50 + VAT, to be paid in advance. In any case, the Lessee is required to return the aid in its initial functional, mechanical and aesthetic conditions. Requests for assistance for areas outside the province of Rome will not be taken into consideration. In the event of a breakdown of the device, the Renter assumes full responsibility for the transport and repair costs.

  • Electromedical equipment and medical devices

VEM Rent guarantees home assistance, through its own staff, within the metropolitan area of ​​Rome and the outskirts of the Grande Raccordo Anulare for addresses no more than 5 km away from it. Any requests for home assistance outside this area and within the province of Rome can be processed with a transport contribution of € 50 + VAT, to be paid in advance. In any case, the Lessee is required to return the aid in its initial functional, mechanical and aesthetic conditions. Requests for assistance for areas outside the province of Rome will be processed by Express Courier, considering the methods and times, not counted for contractual purposes. In the event of assistance due to an alleged malfunction, the Lessee undertakes to return the appliance to VEM Rent so that it can be viewed and, if necessary, replaced with an identical functioning unit (or with higher performance if not currently available), before a any request for early withdrawal.

Damage and theft of rented items

The Renter undertakes to keep and take care of the rented items from the moment of delivery, until their return to the hands of VEM Rent staff, in the most suitable and appropriate ways for their use and for their own and third party safety. During the entire duration of the contract, the Lessee is solely responsible for the possession, care and use of the rented objects, even in the event of civil and / or criminal disputes against third parties. Gruppo Giglio Srl, owner of VEM Rent Rent a Home, is exempt from any liability deriving from the incorrect use by the Lessee of the rented items, including damage to persons and / or property.
In case of theft of the rented objects, the Lessee undertakes to pay compensation in cash equal to the purchase value of the objects at the latest price list in force, plus 15% of the amount for the management of administrative procedures and damage suffered.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact our customer service at the free toll-free 800.801.808 or at from the cellular network, or alternatively by sending us a message clicking here


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