rates from € 3,00 per day all included

Comfortable chair for toilet and shower, equipped with wheels and with optional vase.

rates from € 6,00 per day all included

Professional magnetotherapy device, ideal for all types of diseases, deep treatments and professionals.

rates from € 13,00 per day delivery included

Electric mobility scooter with 4 wheels for the elderly and disabled, with basket for objects and swivel seat.

rates from € 2,50 per day all included

Foldable rollator walker in light alloy, equipped with seat, soft back and bag for objects.

rates from € 1,60 per day all included

Walker for elderly with anti-slip tips and double handle to facilitate the transition from sitting to standing position

rates from € 3,50 per day all included

Professional device for home treatment of iontophoresis, complete with sponges and electrodes kit

rates from € 4,00 per day all included

Apparatus for home ultrasound therapy treatments, complete with handpiece suitable also for water therapies.

rates from € 11,00 per day delivery included

Electric scooter for the elderly, foldable and handy, with autonomy of 20 Km.