Rent Kinetec shoulder Rome

Kinetec device for shoulder rehabilitation, on Rome and the province.

rates from € 12,00 per day all included

Free DELIVERY AND PICK-UP in hotel or apartment in Rome

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from 15 to 29 Daysmore request

14 € / day

Delivery and pick-up at home included
from 30 Days

12 € / day

Delivery and pick-up at home included
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Throughout the city of Rome the device is delivered by appointment by our technical staff, who also provides for its programming based on the patient.

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do you have to rent a kinetec? you're in the right place.

Discover the advantages of home rental. Safer rehabilitation and more effective therapy thanks to the assistance of our technician. You can rent a kinetec if you live in one of the areas served.

Benefit from the use of the latest generation of kinetec
Installation carried out by our qualified personnel
No further hidden costs

Free home assistance during the rental period
Home delivery included in the fare in 24h
Security deposit not required

Kinetec rental for shoulder rehabilitation

Service Kinetec Rome rental and province provides for home delivery through our qualified staff. These will adjust the device according to the patient's height, to program it and show how to use it following the rehabilitation protocol indicated by the doctor. We only rent new generation kinetec, fully adjustable and equipped with remote control, sanitized at the time of delivery. In this way it is possible to perform the therapy correctly, safely and effectively, preventing the risk of trauma or complications caused by incorrect use.

What is kinetec

The kinetec is the ideal device to perform the passive rehabilitation of the limbs. This therapy can be performed either by a physiotherapist, or similarly by kinetec, in a non-invasive and totally painless way. In fact, the articulation is moved in a natural way, performing controlled bends that can go from the initial 5 ° -10 ° up to a maximum of 110 °. The angle, set by the remote control, must be safe and do not bother the patient, so as to reach the set value at the end of the therapy cycle.

The benefits of passive rehabilitation (CPM)

With passive mobilization, the joint moves without the muscle being stressed. This therapy brings numerous benefits to the part involved in the treatment. In fact, this way yes prevents joint stiffness favoring the return to the natural mechanical functions of the ligaments, yes increases the lymphatic and blood circulation resulting decrease in swelling. Doing so also prevents the onset of thrombus and emboli.

Accessories supplied to the kinetec

The rental of the Kinetec Rome includes, in addition to the instrument, a convenient trolley for transport and remote control with display through which it is possible to change the flexion and extension settings of the knee, the duration and the speed of the treatment in real time, as well as being able to stop and bring the leg back to rest with a emergency stop button.



If you are wondering if kinetec can do for you and you want to know more about CPM therapy (continuous passive motion) regarding shoulder rehabilitation, read the clinical indications below. We recommend using the kinetec only with a doctor's prescription.

With the kinetec for the shoulder it is possible to treat different types of lesions, especially in the post-operative state, including:

  • sprains and bruises of the joint
  • arthrotomies and arthroscopies in combination with synovectomies, artholysis or other intra-articular measures
  • joint mobilization during arthrotomy narcosis
  • fractures treated by surgery
  • arthroscopy
  • nonunion
  • reconstructive surgery
  • antroplastic muscle transplant operations of the cruciate ligaments
  • surgical treatment of fractures and pseudoarthrosis
  • post-mobilization treatments
  • soft tissue operations
  • endoprosthetic implants
  • meniscectomies and meniscal sutures
  • endoprosthesis implant

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Kinetec

Kinetec: what is it for?
Knee and hip kinetec is a tool that allows passive knee rehabilitation at home or in the hospital, even in the immediate post-operative period, taking advantage of all the advantages of CPM (Contine Passive Motion)
Kinetec: when to use it?
It is the doctor or the orthopaedist who prescribe the use of kinetec, in cases where they deem it appropriate to have the patient do the passive rehabilitation of the limb.
How is kinetec used for the knee?
Once you know how it works, its use is quite simple. However, how to use the kinetec or how to adjust the kinetec at best may not be so intuitive and it is therefore necessary the initial intervention of one of our technicians who will program the device and install it adjusting it according to the patient's physical needs.
Is kinetec specific for what I have to treat?
All Kinetecs for the knee and hip are specific tools for passive limb rehabilitation.

Areas of Rome served

Check here if your area is covered by the rental service

Northern Acilia, Southern Acilia, Virgin Water, Ciampino Airport, Alessandrino, Appio Claudio, Appio Latino, Appio Pignatelli, Ardeatino, Aurelio (district), Aurelio (suburb, Borghesiana, Borgo, Campitelli, Campo Marzio, Capannelle, Casal Boccone, Casal Morena, Casal Palocco, Casalotti, Castel di Decima, Castel di Guido, Castel di Leva, Castel Fusano, Castel Giubileo, Castel Porziano, Castro Pretorio, Cecchignola, Celio, Cesano, Collatino, Colonna, Della Vittoria (district), suburb), Don Bosco, Esquilino, EUR, Fiumicino, Flaminio, Fonte Ostiense, Fregene, Gianicolense (district), Gianicolense (suburb), Giuliano Dalmata, Grottarossa, Farnese Island, Sacred Island, La Giustiniana, La Pisana, La Storta, Labaro , Lido di Castel Fusano, Lido di Ostia Levante, Lido di Ostia Ponente, Ludovisi, Length, Maccarese Nord, Maccarese Sud, Magliana Vecchia, Marcigliana, Mezzocammino, Monte Sacro, Monte Sacro Alto, Monti, Nomentano, Ostia Antica, Ostiense, Ottavia , Palidoro, Pari Oils, Parione, Pietralata, Pigna, Pinciano, Pollen Martignano, Ponte, Ponte Galeria, Ponte Mammolo, Portuense (district), Portuense (suburb), Prati, Prenestino Centocelle, Prenestino Labicano, Prima Porta, Primavalle, Regola, Ripa, Salario, Sallustiano, San Basilio, San Saba, San Vittorino, Sant'Angelo, Sant'Eustachio, Santa Maria di Galeria, Settecamini, Testaccio, Tiburtino, Nero's Tomb, Tor Cervara, Tor de 'Cenci, Tor di Quinto (neighborhood), Tor of Quinto (suburb), Tor di Valle, Tor San Giovanni, Tor Sapienza, Torre Angela, Torre Gaia, Torre Maura, Torre Spaccata, Torrenova, Torricola, Torrimpietra, Torrino, Trastevere, Trevi, Trieste, Trionfale (district), Trionfale ( suburb), Tuscolano, Val Melaina, Vallerano.

Municipalities in the province of Rome

Affile, Agosta, Albano Laziale, Allumiere, Anguillara Sabazia, Anticoli Corrado, Anzio, Arcinazzo Romano, Ardea, Ariccia, Arsoli, Artena, Bellegra, Bracciano, Camerata Nuova, Campagnano of Rome, Canale Monterano, Canterano, Capena, Capranica Prenestina, Carpineto Roman, Casape, Castel Gandolfo, Castel Madama, Castel San Pietro Romano, Castelnuovo di Porto, Cave, Cerreto Laziale, Cervara of Rome, Cerveteri, Ciampino, Ciciliano, Cineto Romano, Civitavecchia, Civitella San Paolo, Colleferro, Colonna, Fiano Romano, Filacciano, Fiumicino, Fonte Nuova, Formello, Frascati, Gallicano in Lazio, Gavignano, Genazzano, Genzano of Rome, Gerano, Gorga, Grottaferrata, Guidonia Montecelio, Jenne, Labico, Ladispoli, Lanuvio, Lariano, License, Magliano Romano, Mandela, Manziana , Marano Equo, Marcellina, Marino, Mazzano Romano, Mentana, Monte Compatri, Monte Porzio Catone, Monteflavio, Montelanico, Montelibretti, Monterotondo, Montorio Romano, Moricone, Morlupo, Nazzano, Nemi, Nerola, Nettuno, Olevano Roman, Palestrina, Palombara Sabina, Percile, Pisoniano, Poli, Pomezia, Roman Ponzano, Riano, Rignano Flaminio, Riofreddo, Rocca Canterano, Rocca Priora, Rocca Santo Stefano, Rocca di Cave, Rocca di Papa, Roccagiovine, Roiate, Roviano, Sacrofano , Sambuci, San Cesareo, San Gregorio da Sassola, San Polo dei Cavalieri, San Vito Romano, Sant'Angelo Romano, Sant'Oreste, Santa Marinella, Saracinesco, Segni, Subiaco, Tivoli, Tolfa, Torrita Tiberina, Trevignano Romano, Vallepietra, Vallinfreda, Valmontone, Velletri, Vicovaro, Vivaro Romano, Zagarolo. ATTENTION: Although delivery costs are not provided, one-time 25 € may be charged as a transport fee for the municipalities most distant from the GRA.


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Who can rent our appliances?

Our rental service is open to everyone, both private individuals and retailers and professionals in the sector.

How long are the reserved aids delivered?

Deliveries are made by our technicians in person, always by appointment. Usually we can deliver within the workday, including Saturday morning. Delivery to hotels and hotels could be done in advance.

How can I pay the rental?

The rental of the aid can be paid directly to the delivery, in cash, to our technician. It is possible, however, to pay the due amount in advance by credit card, paypal or bank transfer.
In case of extension of the rental period, the difference can be paid together with the withdrawal.

How can I return the rented item?

Before the expiry date of the rental agreement, we contact the customer to arrange a date and time to arrange the time of collection together. If there is a need to prolong the treatment, it will be sufficient to inform us in time so as to postpone the delivery date.
For withdrawals at the hotels and hotel facilities, it will be possible to leave the assistance at the reception or the contact person notified when ordering.

Does home delivery cost?

The delivery to your home does not have additional costs, but is included in the rental rate in the partner areas. For details of your area, contact us at the free 800.801.808 hotline or at 06.929.393.43.

Is there a deposit to be paid for the rented aid?

All our aids are rented without any type of security deposit.

Is the appliance easy to use?

Our devices are designed and manufactured for home use, so their use is designed for patients of all kinds. In addition, the operator who will deliver the appliance will be responsible for teaching its operation to the patient.

Are your aids safe?

We only deliver certified aids such as Medical Devices from the Ministry of Health and at each term of a rental the aid is checked by our technical staff, cleaned and disinfected.

What happens if the appliance fails?

Although the correct functioning of the articles is always checked by our staff before delivery, there may be cases of malfunctioning of the same. In this case, please contact us immediately so we can arrange an article replacement as soon as possible.

Can I deduct the tax fiscally?

During the payment phase, a regular rental invoice is issued, valid for the tax deduction of the amount, within the terms established by law.

Is it possible to purchase the rented goods?

All hired items can be purchased at the end of the rental period. For promotions and methods contact our customer service at the toll-toll free 800.801.808 from landline or 06.929.393.43 from mobile.

Do you also sell aids?

Of course, VEM is a company specializing in rehabilitation. We collaborate with partners for the supply of orthopedic, electro-medical and health aids.

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