Assistive products for disabled people

If you are on holiday a Roma, or if your customer is in Rome for a short period, such as if you are the owner of a Bed & Breakfast or a hotel (read also our conventions for hotels and hotel facilities) you need to have a pram or wheelchairs, or one electric scooter for the disabled for one short period, our service rental of walking aids for the disabled, allows you to choose the necessary aid and have it available in a very short time.

Rental of disabled aids in Rome for residents

If on the contrary live in Rome and province you can easily rent your aid for longer periods, allowing you to have more discounts for longer rental times.

rates from € 2,00 per day delivery included

Folding wheelchair with self-propelled, lifting armrests and adjustable footrests.

rates from € 2,00 per day delivery included

Folding transit wheelchair, easy to handle and light, with footrests included

rates from € 11,00 per day delivery included

Electric scooter for the elderly, foldable and handy, with autonomy of 20 Km.

rates from € 13,00 per day delivery included

Electric mobility scooter with 4 wheels for the elderly and disabled, with basket for objects and swivel seat.

rates from € 3,00 per day all inclusive

Low frequency magnetic therapy device for high intensity treatments, with applicators of your choice.

rates from € 2,80 per day delivery included

Compact folding wheelchair, suitable for narrow passages. Equipped with elevating armrests and footrests.

rates from € 13,00 all included

Electric wheelchair for the elderly and disabled equipped with footrests, seat with cushion, position lights, horn, directional arrows.

rates from € 3,20 per day delivery included

Folding, self-propelled wheelchair for obese patients with a capacity of up to 200Kg, lifting armrests and footrests included.

rates from € 5,00 per day all inclusive

Foldable rollator walker in light alloy, equipped with seat, soft back and bag for objects.

rates from € 4,00 per day all inclusive

Apparatus for home ultrasound therapy treatments, complete with handpiece suitable also for water therapies.

rates from € 8,00 per day all inclusive

Kinetec device for passive knee and hip rehabilitation, on Rome and its province.

rates from € 1,70 per day all inclusive

Folding walker for the elderly with routes and axillary supports