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VEM Rent provides its customers with devices for last generation magnetotherapy and a team of experts to follow personalized and intensive treatments at home, without surcharges

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CHOOSE THE MOST suitable EQUIPMENT for magnetotherapy

Rent from € 3,00 per day all inclusive

Low frequency magnetic therapy device for high intensity treatments, with applicators of your choice.

Rent from € 6,00 per day all inclusive

Professional magnetotherapy device, ideal for all types of diseases, deep treatments and professionals.

Rent from € 5,00 per day all inclusive

Portable magnetotherapy device, battery powered with a universal soft applicator. Ideal for performing treatments in freedom of movement

Rent from €2,10 per day all inclusive

Mattress for nocturnal cycles of magnetotherapy, particularly indicated for patients bedridden or to treat chronic pathologies.


If you need to treat chronic conditions or simply prefer to buy a home magnetotherapy device, contact us. We offer only the best products, designed and designed by specialized companies. 

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