Magnetotherapy at home: how to do it correctly

If you want to know how to do magnetotherapy at home, understand how to apply and understand how it works, this short article could be for you. In the previous articles we analyzed the effects and benefits of magnetotherapy, we saw what can be treated with magnetotherapy and what are the characteristics that must have a device to do it at home. In this short guide, we will illustrate how to best use a magnetotherapy device, how to place the magnets (solenoids) on our body correctly, we will learn to know the programs and features that the most modern devices can offer us, so as to be able to do magnetotherapy at home in the best way. In fact, to understand how a magnetotherapy device is used correctly, it is essential to make the most of its healing abilities.


Check the magnetotherapy device

If you are reading this article surely you already know what is magnetotherapyor you have already arranged for a suitable device. Otherwise, I inform you that we have made available one comparative table of the main devices for magnetotherapy offered for hire, so that you can get an idea of ​​the technical characteristics and costs.
Whether your device has been purchased or rented, before putting on the applicators and starting to do magnetotherapy, it is necessary to check whether the machine is ready for use. If you have a mains powered appliance, simply connect the appropriate power supply to the wall socket; in case of portable devices for magnetotherapy powered by batteries, however, it will be better to check beforehand that the charge of these is sufficient to do at least 2 hours of treatment. Pay attention to this thing, especially if the magnetotherapy is done at night: if during sleep the device goes off earlier than expected, obviously you will not be able to notice it, and the therapy will be in vain!

Choose and place the applicator

Once verified the correct operation of the machine, as already anticipated in the previous guide we go to choose the right applicator to use and to position it correctly.
Correct positioning of the magnets is essential for the optimal success of the therapy, as they are responsible for generating the electro magnetic field necessary for therapeutic purposes.
Due to the not exactly negligible cost of these accessories, most of the time this is a choice that is made during the supply phase of the device, when the package contains only one applicator. However, the most equipped magnetotherapy machines can include more than one, so the first thing to do is choose the applicator according to the part of the body to be treated.
If the part of the body you need to treat is a knee, a foot, a wrist, or anyway a limb or part of it, not deep, you can use a radiating band. This applicator is very comfortable to wear, it is light (therefore not annoying), and can hold up to 3 small solenoids. If, on the other hand, you need to treat a larger area of ​​the body, it is better to use the applicator with a pair of bonnet solenoids or rigid solenoids, because the more generous dimensions of their magnets will generate an electro magnetic field of greater intensity that will be able to work deeper. In the case where magnetotherapy serves you instead for more extended or flat body areas, like the back o the hip, it will be useful to use a radiant mat. A pad applicator can also contain up to 6 magnets (solenoids), which will generate a large extended electro magnetic field, useful for treating the entire affected area. These are the most widespread models of applicators, but each manufacturer designs them according to their own filisophy, and you can have others of other shapes in your equipment. In this case you do not have to worry because the basic principle described above is the same for everyone.

How should the applicator be positioned? As we have already seen together, all the applicators have inside them magnets, called solenoids, which from their center generate the electro-magnetic field through which magnetotherapy is done. To make the most of this magnetic field, the best thing to do is certainly to position the applicator so that one or more magnets inside it can irradiate the area to be treated in the most localized way possible. In simple terms, the more the magnet is in correspondence with the part to be treated, the greater will be the effect of magnetotherapy on the affected tissues. The electro-magnetic field is able to pass through any type of tissue, so if you deem it necessary you can do the therapy by keeping the indicator not in contact with the skin, but by placing it on a brace, a plaster, or on your clothes. Verify that you are using the applicator in the correct direction, as the solenoids generate electro-magnetic field from one side of the magnet only. The side to be used is usually highlighted, or in any case indicated in the instructions for use of the machine. You are now ready to connect the applicator to the machine, via its plug. The most performing and equipped magnetotherapy machines can also be equipped with double channel, or two pins on which you can connect, in case you need, two applicators so be able to cure two areas of the body at the same time.

Select the right program

Now that you are ready, you can turn on your magnetotherapy machine. When switched on, depending on the model in your possession, the appliance will offer you a series of preset programs to be selected, which in most cases are sufficient to make magnetotherapy at home and that for convenience they show the name of the pathology to be treated.
For each preset program, a specific one matches frequency of the electro magnetic field issued (on some devices you may also find the application time and power already preset). In this section you can find an updated table with the frequencies associated with the pathologies

Set the duration of magnetotherapy treatment

Once you have selected the program you are interested in, you need to set it up duration of treatment, after which the machine will stop dispensing. The advice is to rely on the directions given by your doctor, but if you do not have particular information about it, you can always refer to general guidelines that I will go to show you.
Let's start by saying that the duration of the treatment is not directly linked to the power applied. As already described in the article What is magnetotherapy, through magnetotherapy, the right biomolecular charge is re-established at the cellular level. To achieve this goal, the area to be treated needs to be exposed to the electro-magnetic field for at least 2 hours, during which this process starts. It is therefore recommended to carry out at least two hours of magnetotherapy without interruption. But let's take a few examples of practical applications: to help reform the bone callus after a fracture or surgery, it takes at least 2 hours for the smaller and superficial limbs (tibia, malleolus, wrist, hallux valgus, etc ...), up to 4 or 6 hours for the larger and deeper limbs, such as the femur, knee or shoulder. To treat chronic diseases such as osteoporosis o arthrosis, on the other hand, it may take up to 8 or 10 hours, also due to the dispersion of the electro-magnetic field caused by the use of applicators such as the radiating mat and the radiating mattress, which are not always able to irradiate the treated area in a localized way. Localized applications of more than 8 hours can be evaluated with a specialist, as they would not always lead to real benefits.

How many Gauss should I set up?

If your doctor has not given you precise information about the power to be set on your magnet therapy, you can follow this general guideline. Remember first that raise the power, it will not decrease the time necessary for the treatment. More power it is equivalent to a larger and more intense electro magnetic field, which is able to cure the deepest areas of the body (however, some machines may not give the possibility to customize this parameter, in this case you will not have to worry about it because the power will already be preset according to the program).
If you have to do magnetotherapy treatments on your hand, wrist, elbow, malleolus, hallux valgus and outside areas of the knee, or anyway on a peripheral area, with a quality applicator you may not need more than 30 Gauss of power. If instead your need is to do magnetotherapy on the femur, the shoulder, the vertebrae, the patella, or however large and deeper areas, better set up 60-70 Gauss. Even our body size and more is robust and more power will be needed.
You must also take into account the type of accessory you are using: in fact, the more the treatment is localized and therefore the magnets close to the area to be treated, the less power will be needed, on the contrary it will be better to increase it.

What you feel when doing magnetotherapy

You might expect to feel something or have some sensations on the treated area while doing magnetotherapy. In reality, the electromagnetic field emission does not produce any sensation in that our body can not perceive it.
However, you may feel some heat due to the solenoid which will tend to heat up a little after a few hours. To date, no further undesirable effects deriving from the use of magnetotherapy are documented, so any unwanted effects must immediately be reported to the person who supplied you with the device to verify its correct functioning, and to your doctor to expose them undesirable effects perceived while doing magnetotherapy.

Maintenance of a magnetotherapy device

If properly maintained, a quality magnetotherapy machine will serve you for many years to come. At the end of each care cycle, remember to always clean the external part of the applicators, especially if you use them directly on the skin. Many of these give the possibility to remove the magnets inside to be able to wash (even in the washing machine) the external fabric or leatherette cover. Never bend the magnets wires too much, over time they could break making the applicator unusable. If the machine has been used a lot or you use it frequently, remember to check the applicators' functionality from time to time. To do this, simply use the small magnet supplied with the appliance or check its functionality on the display of the machine itself (refer to the use and maintenance manual of the model in your possession). If not needed, do not set very high working powers, magnetotherapy devices are designed to work well within certain power ranges. If necessary, it is better to change the model to a more powerful one. Always follow the maintenance instructions given by the manufacturer in the use and maintenance booklet inside the package, each magnetotherapy device has its own characteristics and not all are the same!



The last piece of advice I would like to give you is to always contact a doctor before deciding to start doing magnetotherapy. This way, you can analyze together the advantages and contraindications of magnetotherapy on you.
I hope you enjoyed this short guide on using magnetotherapy at home. If you think it helped, share the article with your friends and family, it might be for them too!

314 thoughts on "Magnetotherapy at home: how to do it correctly"

  1. ALBERTINA says:

    I have to do the magneto therapy on vertebra d12 sx fractured but I'm afraid not to apply correctly because although I tried to understand through the images I do not know where exactly is the d12. Also I was told that I can do it while sitting, but would not it be better lying down? Thanks if you have the time and the desire to answer me

    • Daniele says:

      Thanks to you for intervening. Magnetotherapy can be done both lying down and sitting, in fact the posture does not affect the quality of the treatment itself. One posture rather than another could be a choice dictated by other reasons. In your case, however, the advice for an efficient cycle of magnetotherapy is to use a mat applicator connected to a machine capable of delivering powers of at least 80-100 Gauss, necessary to successfully treat very deep areas such as vertebrae.

  2. Nino says:

    […] In the accident I reported a contusion to the right malleolus. My orthopedist prescribed 30 days. of magneto therapy, after a week x 4 hours a day I noticed the first benefits, no swelling, no pain, no inflammation. Positive factor to have hired the magneto device.

  3. lucio says:

    hi, the sixtus mag that you put in the picture unfortunately does not give the possibility of being able to set the gauss, a serious flaw in my opinion.

  4. Francesco says:

    I bought a globus xl pro, because I suffered a displaced fibula trimalleolar fracture. I am practicing therapy with these parameters: 45 gauss, 1,5 hours of time x times a day and a frequency of 25Hz. I would like to know if the settings are right, maybe it's better to increase the duration time? Thank you

  5. Paola says:

    I am using Magnum Xl Globus for 6 hours a day at two hours at a time as I have a hip replacement with little mobilization
    There is no indication for prosthesis and recommended by the physiatrist I put Late consolidation fractures.
    I put the two plates directly on the part to be treated side by side with the two opposite faces, one negative and one positive.
    The settings are right
    30 gauss is preset

  6. Marisa says:

    I have the cube for magnetotherapy and it works for osteoarthritis. By dint of using it and then unfolding it, the plastic of the cable has worn out. My husband fixed it but now we don't know which way to use it anymore. Can it be used on both sides? I think it is essential that the south faces north and I see that it occurs when using it from both sides. If there is any specialist, can you please answer me? Thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, your consideration is correct, as the solenoid mounted in the applicator (what you call a cube) could have the direction of use. You can easily check this by approaching a small magnet when the appliance is running. In fact, interacting with the electromagnetic field emitted by the solenoid, it will be able to immediately verify which is the direction of application. Some manufacturers give the magnet supplied for this very reason. Best regards

  7. Giulio Brento says:

    Could you tell me the correct parameters for a bone edema in the left knee? And for a periarthritis in the shoulder?
    My headband has two solenoids and the unit works on both low and high frequencies.
    thank you

  8. Gianluca says:

    Hello, I have to do magnetotherapy for plantar fasciitis, in particular in the heel insertion point. My device, among the various preset programs, does not talk about plantar fasciitis…. What kind of program could be equated - tendinitis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, or what?
    Thanks for any reply

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, plantar fasciitis is a pathology caused by inflammation of the arched ligament, and as such it can be treated with magnetotherapy. If your orthopedist has not commented on your question it would always be better to contact him first. However, if not mentioned by the machine, we cannot recommend a pre-set “specific” program for plantar fasciitis as we do not know the device you are using. However, since it is soft and non-bone tissue, a guideline is certainly to use a program that has a working frequency around 100Hz and with a power of 40-50 Gauss (also in this case it could depend a lot on the type of solenoid used. , but not having the magnetotherapy side effects of overdose I would not worry too much). Sincerely

      • Barbara Alvino says:

        Good morning, the operation of the solenoids can be checked in a very simple way. Included with your device you will find a small magnet. By bringing it close to the solenoid, once the device is activated, it will have to vibrate, as it is stimulated by the field generated by the solenoid itself. Furthermore, several machines offer the possibility of viewing the correct functioning of the applicator on the display, once it is connected and the desired program is started. However, if your device has neither a magnet nor a display control, a more "empirical" test is to feel the solenoid heating up during the treatment. Best regards

  9. Vincenzo Iosco says:

    Hi, I have been diagnosed with hip coxarthrosis, I should do 60 sessions of magnetotherapy, I have the magnetofield, which program to use and the time of each session. I thank and cordially greet you.

  10. Francesca says:

    Hello, following a fracture to a vertebra, the orthopedist prescribed me pulsed magnetotherapy for 4/6 hours a day. How can I refer to a quality device suitable for my problem? What are the parameters that I need to check (power, frequency ...)? Thanks in advance and best regards

  11. Roberto says:

    How do I know if the solenoids are placed in the right zone? I fractured my fifth toe and the appliance and I was pre-implanted by fracture to 8 h of treatment (so overnight) but the solenoids to keep them in place are not right above the finger 5 as it is the outermost (the little finger does not it is located right in the center of the solenoids but is more peripheral). Will the therapy still act correctly in the part to be treated?

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, yes, magnetotherapy will still do its job on the part to be treated. This is because the magnetic field emitted by the solenoid has its own width both in width and in depth. Of course it is always better to do a therapy as much as possible localized, but in your case a couple of cm will not make the difference, especially for a part so small and easy to treat. Kind regards

  12. Cristian says:

    Good morning, I have a vertebral bone edema (not from accident or trauma), any form of tumulus is excluded. I am running magneto with Mag2000 Plus at 200 Gauss (100 per channel) and 50 Hz for three hours at night. After 60 days, I have not seen any benefits. Do you think it is appropriate to increase the duration? Hz? or both?

  13. Montse says:

    Hola soy Montse y estoy haciendo magneto, diariamente, por edema óseo, in a physiotherapy center of a hospital.
    I ask you the following: I bought a device to make a magneto at home and take care of it. Can I have more than one session a day with distinct machines??

  14. Martin says:

    Good evening, I am treating a shoulder arthritis, acromioclavicular, in my preset device for this injury, 45 hz, at 500 gauss, would this intensity be correct? thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, I think it meant 50 Gauss, and not 500! However, I confirm that the chosen parameters are correct. Kind regards

  15. Kriss says:

    Hola, para ansiedad puedo use a diadem with magnetos de polo negative or no es correcto.Tengo a aparato (pulsating magneto field), but ya holds muchos años es viejito, servirá?

  16. Leandro says:

    I have a bone edema in the tibial malleolus. What is the configuration advice in hz and Gauss?
    And in modulation 0 (continued) or 1 second (button)?
    Is it advisable to use the cylinder or the 2 flat coils?

    Thank you!

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, theoretically it is possible to use both the cylinder and the pair of solenoids, the result will be the same. In reality, the use of the cylinder is recommended only with higher powers as the radiating part is further away from the area to be treated, and in this case I recommend setting at least 70-80 Gauss. Using the pair of solenoids instead, you can also go down to 40-50 Gauss. To treat bone edema you can set the machine to 30 Hertz. Sincerely

      • Leandro says:

        Muchas gracias por la respuesta!

        Qué diferencia hay en continuo y button para tratamiento de lesiones (tendinitis, edema óseo)?

  17. Carla says:

    My orthopedist advised me to do magnetotherapy with an algodystrophy program, my device has 35 programs but nothing on algodystrophy. Which one could I use? Thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, to treat algodystrophy you can use a program that works at 30 Hz, with sessions ranging from 2 to 6 hours continuously. Sincerely

  18. Andrea says:

    Good morning I have to treat an edema to the medial femoral condyle after the contusion. I use itech mag 2000 Iacer.
    How should I set the parameters without a specific program? How many hz and how many gauss? I have recommended 6 duration h. Thanks Andrea

    • Daniele says:

      Good evening, to treat femoral bone edema you can set the MAG2000 with a customized program at 75Hz and a power of 80-100 Gauss. Sincerely

  19. Rossi lorena says:

    For osteoporosis I use an osteomat mattress 6 hours a night ... how many gauss and how many herz should I put in? Is it just 50 gauss and 50 herz?

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, in accordance with the latest protocols, to treat osteoporosis with magnetotherapy you can set the device at a frequency of 8Hz. Using the mat, the advice is to raise the power even to 100-120 Gauss, so as to compensate for the dispersive effect. Thanks

  20. Fabiola Giordano says:

    Hi, My 13 year old son has been diagnosed with Osgood Schlatter osteochondritis in his knee. I rented a MAG-2000 but I don't know which frequency to use (the orthopedist only advised me to do magnetotherapy), can you help me? Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, Osteochondritis concerns the subchondral tissue that separates from the joint surface, so it can be safely treated with a fracture program, or by setting the machine to 25 Hz. Kind Regards

  21. Tomas says:

    Hi, I have to do magnetotherapy because I broke the cruciate ligaments and I ripped the meniscus.
    I do not know how to configure it, I'm using the cylinder.
    From 0 to 100 how many htz tips?
    From 0 to 200 Gauss, what intensity do you recommend?
    And for how long?

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, you can set up the 25Hz and 80 Gauss magnetotherapy machine. The times of the sessions can vary between the 4 and the 6 hours per day. Kind regards

  22. alessandro says:

    HELLO, I have to treat a shoulder tendonitis due to a subluxation of the acromion, an acquaintance of mine with whom he got on very well recommended the high-frequency pulsed magnetotherapy (hf) machine mew dolpass (ok farma), do you think it could go good as a machine, you have positive news on its effectiveness, the manufacturer ok farma recommends it for soft tissues, but in the manual it says that it takes care of everything and there are many accessories to match it such as a mat for the night and off body specifics. I await your advice. thank you very much

  23. Rita Odiardo says:

    Greetings. I would like to know please if I can do magnetotherapy at home having a hip prosthesis implanted in 2001. I have problems with severe arthrosis in my foot, knee and even my hip has been causing me some problems lately. I state that the foot and knee are in the same limb where I have the prosthesis. Thanks for your kind reply. Greetings

    • Daniele says:

      Good evening, I confirm that you can do magnetotherapy even in the presence of a hip prosthesis. If you need further information about it, do not hesitate to contact us. Sincerely

  24. Stefania says:

    Good morning, for a total knee replacement, following a lack of cartilage, my orthopedist recommended magnetotherapy, as I still have severe pain 4 months after the operation. I wanted to know how many hz and gauss I have to set the machine to.
    thank you
    Best regards

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, in your case you can do magnetotherapy by setting the machine to 50 Hz and 50 Gauss. It is important that this is carried out for at least 2 hours a day, without interruptions, for at least 30 days. Sincerely

  25. Linen says:

    Good morning, my wife suffers from Finromialgia. I have a machine for magnetotherapy global sl I wanted to buy the mat, but I don't know how to set the machine is if it can bring benefit. Thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, before proceeding we recommend that you consult a specialist. Even if there are no particular contraindications, the use of magnetotherapy must be evaluated based on various factors. Sincerely

  26. Flower says:

    Hello. I suffer from patellofemoral syndrome and often have knee inflammation, pubis and sometimes even a corresponding ankle. In the past a cycle of magnetotherapy has helped me a lot. I have a mag2000 plus with a pair of solenoids and a band radiating with three small solenoids. To alleviate the discomfort of these inflammations, what are the best settings? Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, the machine you are using is excellent, and for what you need to take care of it you can set it to 30Hz and 50 Gauss, they will be more than sufficient on 4-6 daily cycles. Kind regards

  27. Marelli Maria Antonia says:

    I have Dual device, low and high frequency, to cure atrotic pains, discopathies, lumbar disc herniations and cervical use 50 high frequency pad g. Okay and for how long?

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, in your case the use of high frequency is not optimal. Much better to set your machine on low frequency, at 30 Hz, with power between 80 and 100 Gauss (using the mat, you cannot do a localized therapy so it is necessary to increase the power to compensate for the dispersion of the magnetic field). If your magnetotherapy device does not allow this, I recommend that you get a more performing one. Sincerely

  28. Marelli Maria Antonia says:

    I have a Carfea device, what power should I use with the mattress to treat osteoarthritis, discopathies, lumbar and cervical hernias, time of application?

  29. Claudia says:

    Very interesting. I also have i-tech mag 2000 plus x knee magnetotherapy due to wear chondropathy and mild osteoarthritis. I use a pair of solenoids at 45hz 2 100 gauss… okay or too much? Is the headband better? ..I have to do at least 4 hours a day. Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning Claudia. In general, there are too many 100 Gauss knee treatments, being half of them not enough. He can continue to use the pair of solenoids, but the band can also be fine. Kind regards

  30. Cinzia says:

    Hi, my 12 year old son has to do magnetotherapy for bone edema in both feet (stragalus, heel and midfoot, and peroneal synovitis) but we don't understand how to program the device. The orthopedist didn't give me any explanation. He could help me. Thank you

  31. Emanuela says:

    Good evening I have a patellar tendon inflammation is a Mag 2000, is the 50 gauss program ok and 45 hertz for 2 hours a day? Is it normal that the vibration of the magnet is intermittent? Thanks a lot!

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, the machine settings are fine. By holding the magnet firmly over one of the solenoids on the green side of the applicator, as long as the device is started it must be able to vibrate continuously. Sincerely

  32. Emanuela says:

    Thanks Daniele for the quick reply. But should the magnet be kept only during start-up or for two hours? Is magnetotherapy also good for calf spasms and if so with what values? Thanks a lot!

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning Emanuela, the magnet serves to verify the correct functionality of the applicator, vibrating when the magnetic field is emitted. In its case it can also be not used, as the MAG2000 signals any faults in the solenoids also on the display. As for calf spasms, I recommend that you first contact a specialist doctor. Sincerely

  33. GISA IDONE says:

    Good evening I wanted to know the parameters to set for a knee sprain, with lca and meniscal lesion and spongy edema. Magnetotherapy was prescribed for a month and tecar sessions and quadriceps strengthening. I was wondering about the knee setting parameters. I have an i-tech mag2000.

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, in your case you can set the machine to 30 Hz, 50 Gauss, and do one or two daily treatments of at least 2 continuous hours. Kind regards.

  34. Florence says:

    For femur fracture, what is the recommended frequency (hertz), intensity (gauss) and time (min)? Pulsating or continuous mode? The equipment is brand meditea magnetherm 200 with a cylinder (tunnel).
    Actually this is the program with 50 hertz 175 gauss 20 minutes. All right?

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, for a hip fracture, according to the most recent protocols, we recommend a frequency of 8 Hz (therefore pulsed mode) and at least 4 continuous hours of treatment per day. Best regards

  35. Marcello says:

    In order to treat a lumbar expulsion hernia which parameters should I configure? I have a Mag 2000. Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, for the treatment of the spine, high working powers are required, especially if you use a mat or mat applicator. You can set the MAG2000 to 75Hz, 100 Gauss and make 6-8 treatments per day. Kind regards

  36. Gabriella Pierro says:

    Good morning I have to do 8 hours of magnetotherapy a day for a collarbone fracture. Is it better to do the hours consecutively or divided during the day? Thank you!

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, the advice we give is to do daily treatments, every 24 hours. This is a general rule but can be adapted to the individual case. In fact, depending on the pathology and the part of the body to be treated, the hours of dosage and other parameters may change. In your case, if you are not comfortable doing 8 hours of treatment and there is no particular delay in the formation of the callus. bone may eventually decide to do two treatments of 3 or 4 hours each, every 12 hours. The important thing is not to take breaks during the single treatment. Sincerely

  37. Francesco58 says:

    Sorry for bruising the malleolus and for a pain in the wrist such as magnetotherapy should be used.
    From what I've read, would it seem high frequency and low intensity is correct?

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, on the malleolus you must use a low frequency of 10-15 Hz. For the wrist, if you have been prescribed magnetotherapy sessions, the working frequency may vary depending on the problem to be treated. If you have not already done so, before proceeding with the purchase or rental of an appliance, we always recommend that you rely on a specialist doctor. Sincerely

  38. susanna says:

    good morning I have a very painful chronic plantar fasciitis with heel edema I would like to know if I use the device correctly or I have the wrong settings as I have not had many benefits after almost three months. it is set to 70 gauss and 50 heartz periarthritis. hours a night. the model is a high tech mag 8

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning to you, I advise you to set the frequency to 75 Hz, but I don't think that in this way you can find benefit. If after 90 days of well executed treatment had no benefits, I believe it is appropriate to consult a specialist to investigate the problem. Kind regards

  39. Marcello says:

    Good morning, for a heel spur achilles tendonitis, what frequency and power and duration should I use? I have a Mag 2000. Thanks

  40. Rodrigo says:

    Hi I have a crush of the L5 vertebra and ITECH mag2000 I wanted to know if I have to set fracture? And how much gauss set thanks in advance

  41. tiziana says:

    Good evening, I have medullary edema in my ankle and bursitis and shoulder calcifications. How should I set up my appliance ? It's a MT FUTUR 2001/P . Thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Good evening, not knowing your device, I don't know if you can manually set the frequency, in addition to the dedicated programs. In his case, however, each pathology must be treated with a different frequency: 75 Hz for the ankle edema, 25 Hz for the formation of the callus in the shoulder. Sincerely

    • Daniele says:

      Good evening, he can make therapies lasting even for 8 continuous hours, if well localized. Otherwise also 10 or 12 hours can be fine. Kind regards

  42. carmen says:

    Good afternoon, I have a tibial osteotomy, which machine do you recommend? and what guidelines should i follow?
    Would the magnetofield be fine? Thank you very much Daniele.

  43. Daniele Turchetti says:

    Good evening
    I reported a broken fracture on the left wrist. I'm using magnet therapy for wrist fracture but it causes me pain ... is it possible?

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning. I confirm that, although rare, cases of hypersensitivity to treatment can lead to pain and / or overheating of the treated part. Usually this is a phenomenon that tends to manifest itself from the very first sessions (I don't know if this is your case). In any case, I advise you to consult a specialist before continuing the cycle. Kind regards

  44. Margherita says:

    Good morning. Distortion trauma following a fall on skis. Rm report says: extensive and pronounced edematous manifestations affecting the bone marrow tissue of the internal femoral condyle to delimit occult impact fracture; extensive edematous manifestations also at the level of the medullary bone tissue of the external tibial plateau posteriorly and of the lateral femoral condyle. orthopedic surgeon prescribed me a brace and magnetotherapy. Anterior cruciate ligament in the mid-proximal tract appears thickened and edematous. Residual damage to be reassessed.
    Advice on the type of treatment to do (settings)? Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hi Margherita, I apologize for the delay in replying. With magnetotherapy, in his case, he can speed up the reabsorption of edema. Depending on the device used, it can set the program relating to edema or, in the case of a manual program, set 75Hz, 50 Gauss, with treatments of 4/6 hours a day. Sincerely

    • Daniele says:

      Hi Teresa, the applicator can be used both in direct contact with the part to be treated, or on a sock. If the device you are using is not yours (or has been rented), perhaps it would be better to use a sock for hygienic reasons, but absolutely nothing changes for therapeutic purposes. Sincerely

  45. Massimo Bedetti says:

    Good morning Daniele
    my orthopedist visits my knee, sees the result of the MRI and writes:
    affected by Gonalgia due to flat tibial algodystrophy int. medial meniscopathy magnetotherapy advice x 30 g. (I hope I have just written almost illegible)
    I purchased Globus xl I would like to know how to correctly set the 3 parameters: Gauss, frequency and time.
    Thank you very much for your attention Massimo.

    • Daniele says:

      Hi Massimo, to treat algodystrophy, according to the most recent protocols, you can set the Magnum XL to 30Hz and perform therapeutic sessions from 2 to 6 hours a day. As for the power to be applied, 50 Gauss will be more than enough. Sincerely

    • Lourdes says:

      I have plantar fasciitis and edema in talus and calcaneus.
      My set is the itmag 2000.
      Cuantos gauss, hettz y tiempo me conseja?

  46. Domenico says:

    Hello, having to treat an “osteochondritic outbreak of the femoral trochlea, composed and with reactive bone edema” with an i-tech mag 2000 plus, I ask what are the correct parameters relating to time, frequency and power. Thanks

  47. silvio says:

    Good evening, I wanted to treat my amyelic L3 fracture with magnetotherapy: I rented a Globus Magnum XL, these parameters are fine: Hz20, Gauss 70 for 2 hours? and for a tendonitis in the Achilles tendon, what values ​​should I set?
    Thanks for the reply and congratulations for the clarity!

    • Daniele says:

      Hello Silvio, I apologize for the delay. In his case, since they are two different pathologies, he will have to treat the two parts with two different programs, at different times. I recommend that you treat the fracture at 25 Hz, 100 Gauss, for at least 5 hours, while the tendonitis at 73Hz, 50 Gauss, for at least 2 hours. In your case, more than the Magnum Xl (which is still an excellent product), you should consider renting the "LaMagneto Pro", which allows you to treat two different pathologies with different programs at the same time and above all with the right powers and the correct applicators, saving a lot in treatment times. You can view it at this link. Sincerely

  48. Mara says:

    Good morning,
    I have spongy edema of the talus following blunt sprained ankle trauma. I have Mag2000 what settings do you suggest? I have read it seems to me both 30Hz and elsewhere and 75Hz. I am using 50Hz because I assimilated the edema to the fracture ... did I affect the quality of the treatment? Finally, I report that the orthopedist considers my picture to be almost algoneurodystrophic, even if the scintigraphy was luckily negative. Thank you so much.

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning Mara. The medical research on magnetotherapy is constantly evolving, so the work frequencies that are preset on the devices can change, based on the software installed. To this end, we will soon make an updated summary table available on our portal. In his case, however, I would suggest continuing with 75Hz, as reported in the latest protocols. Kind regards

  49. Cinzia ... says:

    Hi! I suffered a fracture of the 5 humeral trochite days ago. Can I already do magnetotherapy sessions or is it better to wait?

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, it is good that it is the doctor with whom you are being treated to evaluate any treatments to be done with magnetotherapy. Kind regards

  50. Marika says:

    Hi, I have a problem. I have a displaced fracture on my 3rd toe. I had an orthopedic visit and I was recommended a cycle of magnetotherapy but without specifying how many days a cycle is. Since I had the opportunity to rent it, I did so but I don't specify frequency, intensity and time. Reading this article I got two values ​​which are time and intensity, I miss the frequency, can you help me? I have been trying to track down the doctor who visited me for two days but without success. Thanks in advance and have a nice day

  51. vincenzo says:

    hi, I'm doing magnetotherapy for a compound exposed fracture of the tibia and fibula at the left ankle height with 80 gauss and 50 hertz for 3 hours per day, they are fine or I have to change the setting or time. Best regards

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, programs with frequency at 25 Hertz are recommended for fractures. As far as power is concerned, if it treats the part with a band applicator or a cap solenoid, it can also lower it to 40-50 Gauss. Kind regards

  52. Cobzaru. Danut says:

    Hi, the doctor from my hospital diagnosed with: right knee pain in patellofemoral chondropathy and edema of the. Spongy bone tibial plateau east. I own a premium mag 2000 machine. When I bought the car from a health professional, my person told me to put 70 gauss and 45 Hz, for 6 hours a day, right? What do you recommend? Thanks.

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, the two pathologies to be treated, edema and chondropathy, require two different programs, 75Hz for the first and 30Hz for the second. Since the MAG2000 Premium is not able to work with two different frequencies at the same time, in my opinion the options are: carry out two different treatments per day (even 4 hours can be fine), or use a device that can be programmed to work with two several simultaneous programs. In the latter case, LaMagneto Pro can be useful, which you can view at the following link. Sincerely

  53. Arianna says:

    Good evening Daniele, the orthopedist recommended a cycle of foot magnetotherapy for fracture results in osteoporosis. I don't know where to start, I would like to buy a hitech 2000, but I don't know how many hours to use it for and if it was possible to use it during the night. Thanks to the availability.

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, if the part to be treated is only the foot, you can do it with a MAG 2000 Premium standard supplied using both bands. Do not use pad or mat applicators for the foot, you would not get the same result. My advice, in his case, is to make 6 hour night sessions, with the dedicated fracture program, at a power of 50 Gauss. Later he will be able to confront his orthopedic surgeon to decide whether to continue doing regular cycles with the osteoporosis program.

      Following the link to MAG 2000 Premium:

      Yours sincerely

  54. Paul says:

    Hi I have an osteocontral cavitation in the plafon of the tibia, I rented a MAG 2000 and the technician who brought me the device at home set me a program at 50hz and 50gauss? It's correct??? Is it normal that I feel heat less than half an hour after starting the treatment? Thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, the settings are correct. The heat can be normal if due to the overheating of the coils of the small solenoids. However, if the heat turns into discomfort or pain, stop the treatment and ask your orthopedist. Kind regards

  55. Alberto says:

    Hi, I have bone edema in the sesamoid bones of the first metatarsal of the foot and a transecular micro-fracture. I have a Mag 2000 which frequency in hz and how many gauss I should use for this injury and how many hours

    • Daniele says:

      Hello Alberto, bone edema and microfracture must be treated at two different frequencies, respectively at 75Hz and 25Hz. Since the part to be treated is superficial and small, it can set the device at 40 Gauss and do sessions of 2-4 hours a day. Sincerely

  56. franc says:

    Hi !! I have bone edema in the internal condyle of the femur 7 months ago and have not undergone any treatment. I have now hired a Texel 400 Gauss magnet. (It is the only one that appears if we Google it, I don't know the model name but it is the only one that appears)
    - What parameters should I use in terms of Gauss and Hz?
    - How many hours per day? (Should it be done in one or split? Ex: 6 hours per day or 3 sessions per day 2 hours?)
    Thanks a lot !!!

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, the femoral edema can be treated at 75 Hz, setting a power of not less than 100 Gauss (if you use a radiating mat also 150 Gauss). Better to do a single daily session of 6-8 hours, even at night. Sincerely

  57. Mara says:

    Thanks Daniele, I'm Mara referred to in the reply of 18 April. I wanted to know when the Table with the setting indications you mentioned will be published ... I wanted to report that for a few days I have felt the part (ankle) burn after a few hours of application, is this normal, should I lower the intensity? About 45 Gauss? Or do I have to endure?

    • Daniele says:

      Hi Mara, in some pathologies, when the treated part is in the process of healing, it tends to heat up. However, if this heat becomes not very bearable it is good to stop the treatment. I therefore advise you to contact your orthopedic doctor. Best Regards PS The table is in the works, it will be published early next week.

  58. Mara says:

    I ask you for one last piece of advice, since I will soon be going back to the office, you would recommend a battery magnetotherapy for outdoor and / or moving use, which instrument can you recommend? Thank you so much. Mara

  59. Chiara says:

    Hello and thank you so much for your kindness.
    I performed a sacroiliac arthrodesis (IFuse della Si-Bone) with titanium prostheses.
    I rented a Mag2000 which however has old 2014 programs, but I saw that in the instructions of LaMagneto (it has programs updated to 2018) that a frequency of 75hz is recommended for the osseointegration of titanium prostheses.
    So I set Mag2000 to 70hz (unfortunately you can set either 70 or 80hz) and 100 gauss of power. I apply the band with the three solenoids in the lower back for 6 consecutive hours per day.
    Is this a good setting? Better to put 80hz? Is 100 gauss indicated? I am very thin but I thought there was more dispersion in such a large area. Unfortunately, the LaMagneto instructions indicate the Hz of the various programs but not the gauss.
    Can I continue like this?
    Thank you very much

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning Chiara, in his case 100 Gauss of power are necessary because the area to be treated is very deep, and if the machine allows it I would raise it to 120-130. As for the frequency of use, the speech is a little more complex. LaMagneto is a more powerful device than MAG2000, which bases one of its strengths precisely on the number of programs available, updated with the most recent protocols. The good news is that you won't need to work at 75Hz at all costs, so you can safely continue your cycle with MAG 2000 and still get the benefits you want. Kind regards

      • Chiara says:

        Thank you very much Daniele for your kind reply. I will definitely raise the Gauss to 130 as suggested by you.
        Not being able to set 75hz do you recommend alternating sessions at 70 and sessions at 80 hz?
        Furthermore, I would also like to use Mag2000 for the patellofemoral chondropathy that I have in both knees. I set the frequency to 30hz. It's right? In your opinion, is it possible to treat both knees at the same time with the 3-solenoid band and perhaps raising the power to 100 gauss?
        Thank you very much

  60. Javier says:

    Hi, I have a fracture in the upper part of the tibia and I use a circular solenoid. I need to recover in 20 days. for a triathlon. How many sessions and how many hours do you recommend? Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, magnetotherapy is a treatment that brings its benefits in times that can vary from person to person. In fact, recovery times are based on various factors, such as the patient's general state of health and age, the severity of the pathology to be treated etc. In any case, important and evident results may appear not earlier than the medium / long term. Having said that, he understands that 20 days can be short for a total recovery, also because in his case, if he is not already doing it, exercise will also be needed to recover muscle tone. However, to perform the therapy at its best, set your machine to 25 Hz, 70 Gauss and do daily sessions of no less than 6 hours, without interruptions. Sincerely

  61. Juan carlos says:

    Hi Daniele. Thanks for all your answers. I have a fracture in the patella cartilage due to a trauma. After MRI, they see me as Grade III condropathy, until then I had never had anything on my knees after running for 25 years. I have the Mag2000. Can you help me ?? How do I configure it correctly? Session time? Thank you very much again

  62. Chiara says:

    Good morning Daniele, following up on the message of May 10, I'm bothering you again. I have the Mag2000 and for knee chondropathy I read in your previous answers that the frequency to set is 30 Hz and 50 gauss. However, if you want to treat both knees at the same time with the band with three solenoids, would it be appropriate, in your opinion, to raise the power to 80-100 gauss? Also what is the minimum duration of treatment? Thank you very much

  63. Samuel says:

    Good morning I own a GLOBUS XL device I was diagnosed with a LOWERED TENDON LESION to the right shoulder in degenerative form with the presence of liquid.
    the orthopedic doctor advised me MAGNETOTHERAPY but I don't know what values ​​to set in frequency, gauss and application time.
    thank you for your suggestion.

    • Daniele says:

      Hi Samuel, for the treatment of the supraspinatus tendon you can set your Magnum XL to 70 Hz, 70 Gauss. 4-6 sessions are recommended, each time without interruptions, which can be performed at night. Kind regards

  64. pippo says:

    Good morning. I have a Mag 2000 device I should do magnetotherapy for algodystrophy - could you tell me how to set the Gauss device ……. and Hz…. Thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, Algodystrophy can be treated by setting its MAG 2000 to 30 Hz, and by doing therapeutic sessions that can go from 2 to 6 hours a day. As for the power, it can vary according to the depth of the area to be treated. Limbs such as hands, feet or shoulders can be treated at 50-60 Gauss. Sincerely

  65. Antonio says:

    Hi I would like to know if it is possible to cure both the knee and the ankle in the same period that is to do 8 type hours of magneto to the knee and 2 to the ankle Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, it is possible to treat more parts of the body at the same time. Clearly, to do this he needs a device that allows him to use more than one applicator at the same time. Kind regards

  66. Yael says:

    The article didn't help me at all, it doesn't specifically say the time, Gauss intensity or frequency needed for each pathology, it only serves for the devices that come with the programs, for those that don't, it doesn't work

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, thank you for your observation. The article is written to help those who, like her, have no previous experience with magnetotherapy and necessarily find themselves asking questions that can only be of a general nature. In fact, it would be at least "pretext" for us to indicate the parameters for each type of trauma and pathology, as each clinical case is to be considered subjective, and is rightly treated as such also by the attending physician, based on the health conditions general of the patient. Sincerely

  67. Mauro says:

    Hello, I'm using a Magnet x pro for left wrist sessions for scaphoid break. The machine automatically gives the program with 50 Gauss, if I want to use 2 sandwich solenoids the Gauss issued
    They are always 50 or become 100.
    And are 100 too many for wrist fracture?
    thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, 100 Gauss to treat a scaphoid is not necessary as the area is shallow and not deep. My advice is to set the machine to 40 or 50 Gauss so as to avoid even an annoying overheating of the solenoid. If you want to use the cap solenoid, the power does not double, simply radiating the area from two parts simultaneously. Kind regards

  68. Valeria says:

    Hello, I have intraspongious edema in my left foot following a fracture (which occurred over a year ago) of the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal and of the 1st wedge ... I took a device for magnetotherapy, the Globus Magnum XL, I would like to know if 6 hours (at night) at 50 gauss every day for a month are therapeutic indications correct or not. Thank you!

  69. Karina Marion says:

    Hi Daniele. I have a herniated painful disc in L4 L5 and they offered me a device with 1 solenoid that reaches 150 gauss. Do I need two solenoids or a solenoid? The pain is well localized. I bought an infrared lamp and wanted to complete it, in addition to the physical rehabilitation I do continuously to have a better quality of life. Thank you very much for your guide.

    • Daniele says:

      Hi Karina, great choice of UV lamp. As for the solenoid, it may be necessary to treat the part with a mat or mat, as it would be advisable to make sessions of at least 6 hours. With just one solenoid, I believe you don't make it, if only for the inconvenience of application. If you need more information, I remain available. Kind regards

  70. Victor Distefano says:

    Hello, I have a MAG 2000 Premium. I have to perform Magnetotherapy to the ankle / talus / Achilles tendon area for double infiltration of stem cells in arthroscopy, on one side to the talus for strong injury (osteochondritis) for which I was grafted cells, while to the tendon of Achilles I was always made an infiltration of stem cells following the removal of some tissue that obstructed it.

    I set 15 gauss and 70 Hz (75 I can't set them) because they are the fixed parameters of another much more expensive machine that they had recommended to me but which I chose not to buy.

    Are the parameters good? Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, I confirm that 70 Hz is also good, but using the F3S2000 band is better to increase the power to 40-50 Gauss. Kind regards

    • matthew says:

      hello victor. I'm in the same situation as you...
      I also don't want to buy that car ...

      how did you get on with this?

  71. Giusy d'elia says:

    Hello, about 15 years ago you suffered a fracture of the fifth metatarsal of your right foot, a fracture that was not treated and calcified by itself. After so many years now it hurts me, can magnetotherapy sessions be useful to me? Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, you should first consult an orthopedic doctor for a visit. At that point he will advise them on therapy or not. Kind regards

  72. Andrea Liborio Mistretta says:

    Good evening . I would like to rent mag2000 for a patellar femur chondropathy. In addition to the chondroprotector, my orthopedic surgeon recommended 3 hours a day for 30 days with a magnetotherapy "chondropathy" program, which however does not exist preset on this device. Can you tell me what is the right frequency for this problem? For example, other devices such as "lifemed magneto base" indicate a frequency of 99 Hz, while here I have read that the recommended frequency would be 30 Hz. Thank you .

  73. Adriana says:

    i am using globus magnum xl pro for a knee osteoarthritis, i was advised to use it 1 hour per day, but i don't see any benefits, on the contrary the pain seems to be increased.Can there initially be an increase in pain? thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, an hour per day is certainly not much, in fact in your case to have benefits I would recommend a cycle of at least 3 hours a day. If the pain did not derive from contact with the solenoid (band too tight?) And is accentuated during the treatment phase, however, I would suggest interrupting the therapy and contacting the doctor who made the prescription. Best regards

  74. danilo says:

    good morning, I have to start doing magnetotherapy on my knee, I operated on my meniscus 6 months ago and now I suffer from chondropathy, as I am a runner and I strain my knee a lot, I kindly wanted to know if there is a lot of difference in performance between the mag 2000 and the May 2000 plus

  75. Rodrigo says:

    Hi, I have rented a Texel magnetotherapy device, I have a grade 2 ankle sprain, I want to know how to configure the machine for the treatment ... The possible parameters are 10 hz, 17 hz or 50 hz ... Continuous or pulsating, with the possibility of pass from 0 to 400 Gauss, biphasic or monophasic. How many sessions per day? And how long each? Thank you very much for the attention …

    • Daniele says:

      Hello and sorry for the delay in replying. I do not know the device in your possession, but it is generally possible to treat the ankle in the same way as in other areas. Therefore, according to the type of applicator, it can set the power from 40 to 60 Gauss, the frequency at 50 Hz (therefore pulsed mode) and do daily treatments of 6 hours each. Sincerely

  76. Nanni says:

    Good evening, after a distortion of 3o grade I was diagnosed with a minimal fracture in the malleolus and an important lesion of the peroeneal astragal ligament and spongosa edema. I have the Mag 2000. How can I best set it? Thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, the fracture and the ligament must be treated with two different programs. The Mag 2000, unlike the more advanced model LaMagneto, cannot deliver two different frequencies simultaneously. Therefore, it will be necessary to carry out two different cycles per day, or use the program called Autoscan to exploit all the settable frequencies. Kind regards

  77. Paul says:

    I had a sprain of the toes as the foot swelled I decided to do magnetotherapy.
    I have a magnetotherapy with two discs that I can use to hold still with the tear bands the time automatically goes out according to the therapy to do. Do I do magnetotherapy well?
    thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, the treatment will certainly benefit the affected tissues. However, coming to say that in your case it may be the most suitable therapy is something that is up to your doctor or the specialist who visited you. Sincerely

  78. Carmine says:

    Hello I have a magnum XL pro and I suffer from knee osteoarthritis (gonarthrosis) can you advise me on how to set up the machine and the days to do the cure ..
    Best regards

  79. Simonetta says:

    Hello, I have been using Mag5 for 2000 days, due to a compound fracture of the astragus, my orthopedist made me remove the cast and made me wear the Rom walker for 30 days.
    I use the FRATTURE program directly on the foot, is it correct?
    Thank you very much

    • Daniele says:

      Hi Simonetta, the talus is the bone positioned between the heel and the tibia. To treat it correctly, position the 3 solenoid band as close as possible to the part, setting a power of 60-70 gauss. Sincerely

    • Daniele says:

      Hi John, bursitis is the cause of an inflammatory state, so it can be treated with magnetotherapy as such, with any program that works at 75 Hz. I advise you, in your case, to apply powers not lower than 100 Gauss, view the depth of the area. Kind regards

  80. Raffaele says:

    For a coxarthrosis that causes me pain and difficulty walking, what frequency should I set, and for how long? My appliance has two solenoids

  81. simone says:

    hi, I suffer from algodystrophy in the heel, could you advise me on the intensity and frequency with which to set the therapy?
    sorry for the inconvenience.

  82. Giuseppe says:

    Good morning,

    I have a broken collarbone that I'm dealing with MAG-2000.
    The preset fracture program has 50 Hz and 80 Gauss (I don't think you can change the frequency of the preset programs), but I read on the site that 25 Hz should be used for fractures. What do I do, I leave the fracture program at 50 or set one free at 25? Is 80 Gauss for collarbone correct?

    Yours sincerely

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, the MAG2000 software is definitely not updated to the latest protocols, this is the reason for the discrepancy. Having said that, it can continue to use the 50Hz program, also because if I'm not mistaken, on manual programs the machine allows 10Hz step calibration. Don't worry because you will still get the desired benefits. As for the power instead, it depends on the type of applicator you are using: if they are a pair of solenoids also 50 Gauss will do fine, if you mistakenly use the mat instead you will also need 100-120 Gauss. Kind regards

      • Giuseppe says:

        I am using a band with Velcro to fix it which I think has 3 solenoids and that I put on the shoulder, one forward to the collarbone, one on the same and one behind. Are 50-80 Gauss good?

  83. Irene says:

    Hello I was diagnosed with bone edema at the proximal insertion or hamstring level. I have Mag 2000 with 3 solenoid band. What frequency and intensity would you recommend? How many hours per day? How many improvements are there? Thanks and congratulations on the website

  84. Denni says:

    Hi, I'd like to know if you could help me,
    I should do magnetotherapy on the femoral head due to bone spongy edema, I would need to understand how often to use or which program is best to use with the biohelp magnetobox machine. I have seen that there are two programs that could be as good as osteoporosis or hip periarthritis. If you know the machine with which program should I use it?

  85. Edina says:

    hi I use globus magnum I had a distortion of the foot and now I have an inflamed tendon, an edema and a lot of suffering of the second third and fourth metatarsus, you can tell me the values ​​that I should use during the night for six hours!

  86. Massimo says:

    Good morning, I'm 65 years old 24 days ago I broke the vet. lomb.l2 due to crushing. In the emergency room they advised me to put on the C35 corset for a month and then do an ex again and visit. In the meantime the doctor advised me to do magnetotherapy to consolidate the fracture and for the pain I wanted advice from you on which equipment and accessories to buy or rent. A thousand thanks

  87. Stefano says:

    Hello, I just took a mag700 to carry out magnetotherapy for a bone edema located in that part of the knee called the "medial femoral condyle". I need to know if the frequency and intensity values ​​indicated for the knee (20/30 Hz, 40/50 G) or those indicated for the femur (70/80 Hz 100 G) must be set, in which case I should change the machine because this goes up to 70). I'm 52 years old and the bone edema didn't originate from trauma but it's suspected due to jogging (therefore microtraumas). A thousand thanks. Greetings.

    • Daniele says:

      Hello and thank you for contacting us. The medial femoral condyle can also be treated with a mag700 by setting the power to the maximum allowed, but I would definitely recommend a more performing device like the mag2000. In addition to the difference in maximum output power, the mag2000 band has 3 solenoids, unlike the other which only has two. In both cases, edema is good to treat at 70 Hz. Sincerely

  88. Sergio says:

    Hi I have a May 2000 and I should treat an edema on the talar dome of the ankle. The doctor advised me to do 4 hours a day. I would kindly like to know the setting to use Hz/G. A thousand thanks

  89. brunette bonomini says:

    Good morning I have a new age emàvit pocket I have bone edema on the tibia at the knee the orthopedist recommended me a treatment with magneto therapy about 6/8 hours a day but he didn't tell me which program to use I have the possibility to use free program I would kindly like to know the setting to use Hz / G. And wave emission (left) Thanks a lot

  90. Elio says:

    Hello, I bought a magnetotherapy device about ten years ago, used for a necrosis of the femoral head with one application per night (all night long) for about six months. I have also used the device on other occasions. I proceeded to preserve it carefully and if I make it work it seems perfect. They told me that these devices need to be "calibrated" after some time. It is true? The booklet doesn't mention it. Thanks for the attention.

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, to answer your question correctly, it would be useful to know at least the brand and model of the magnetotherapy device you are referring to, but, at least for the new generation, we do not have this type of maintenance. To be sure, I would advise you to contact the manufacturer and ask them about it. Sincerely

  91. Oreste says:

    Hello, following a fall from a bicycle, I have a "closed" fracture of the sixth, seventh and eighth ribs + a blow to the shoulder with trauma to the supraspinatus muscle (I can't raise my arm), waiting for an MRI scan to check for any tendon injuries. I'm in possession of a MAG 2000 with accessories the mat, the 2 large solenoids, the strip with the 3 small solenoids. What are the values ​​in Gauss and Hertz and the daily duration for a correct therapy of both problems? The daily duration can be split or not?
    Thanks so much

  92. oreste says:

    Good morning, as regards the ribs the medical report of the emergency room is:
    X-RAY CHEST 1P/X-X HEMYCOSTAT SN: Fracture of the sixth seventh and eighth left rib, no pleuro-parenchymal lesions are observed in progress, the cardio-vascular shadow has regular dimensions
    RX RH SHOULDER: not evident fractures, acromioclavicular arthrosis
    to my question whether magnetotherapy could be useful I found total indifference, in a subsequent visit to a physiotherapist the answer was "it doesn't hurt..." so I thought I'd ask you for advice.
    Could there be reasons why it is not recommended?

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, among the various benefits that pulsed electromagnetic fields have on the human body, the one associated with the acceleration of the formation of callus in the post fracture is among the most appreciated in the medical field. Also in this case, it is the specialist who must evaluate the actual added value that one or more cycles of magnetotherapy could have on you. In fact, there is no general rule in terms of application and clinical tests show that the results can often be differentiated according to the patient. As for the contraindications can view it in this article. Yours sincerely

      • oreste says:

        Hello, maybe you forgot to mention the link to read the contraindications.
        In reference to the above and having had little help from the so-called specialists, I did in my opinion by inserting 70 gauss and 50 hertz for 4-5 consecutive hours during the night shoulder + rib ... I hope I have not done damage, anyway I have had improvements.

  93. Matteo says:

    Good morning I have the dehydrated and thinned L4-L5 disc. This leads to low back pain, contracture and fibrotization of the paravertebral muscles. I have the MAG2000 with the TAP2000 mat, is the Lumbago program good (60 hertz and 50 gauss)? thanks a lot

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, according to the latest protocols, the program to use for low back pain is the 50 Hz one. As for the power, on the other hand, if you do treatments at night, I recommend starting from 100 Gauss (upwards), based on your build, as indicated in the article. Sincerely

  94. manuel says:

    Hi, I'm using a mag2000 I-tech for a medial knee meniscopathy, have I set the device to 70hz and 100 gauss is correct? do you have any suggestions in case you give me? thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, 70-75Hz is the correct frequency to cure the meniscus. Regarding power, it depended on several factors and in any case 100 Gauss are many. If you are using the 3 band the 60 Gauss solenoids I can do well, with the cap or circular solenoid also 50. Kind regards

  95. Cecilia says:

    Good evening, for medullary edema of the patella, the doctor recommended night magnetotherapy for 30 nights. I rented a Globus Magnum XL with 2 solenoid band. In the absence of indications I was set with 60 gauss, 75 hertz, 50 duty cycle. Does that seem right to you? Thank you

  96. Maria says:

    Hi I have a mag 2000 and a fracture composed of tibia and femur.
    From 2 days I started the 50 gauss 2 hours fracture program.
    Can I do 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon? Thank you

  97. Peter says:

    Message: Good morning 6 months later due to a fracture of the heel (operation with grafting of two screws) the last X-ray shows a reduction in the calcium content. I also have a meniscus and cruciate injury and a now "welded" right scapula fracture. Having purchased May 2000, could you tell me the settings I should use (tempo, hearts and gauss) to treat the different types of trauma? I thank you in advance

  98. Stefano says:

    Good evening Daniele, following a sports trauma, my 17-year-old son was diagnosed with "multiple foci of post-contusive spongy edema of II, III and IV metatarsus" on his right foot. He is currently performing magnetotherapy at home with a pulsed magnetic field device but after 3 weeks there is no improvement. I would like to know what are the average times for a complete recovery and if there are drugs or possibly other therapies to integrate with magnetotherapy to speed up healing. A thousand thanks

  99. Savior says:

    Good evening, I have an 80 mother who is suffering from roloscoliosis plus autoimmune hepatitis, so she can't benefit from drug therapy. I often suffer from low back pain and I have a magnetic therapy device. I wanted to know how to set the parameters in Hz and Gauss. Thanks

  100. francesca says:

    Hello, I'm using I TECH mag 2000. Reading some comments I wondered if I was using the band in the wrong direction. The instructions speak of the green side in contact with the body but in the video the magnet must be placed on the green side while the appliance is in operation, which is impossible. The magnet vibrates if I put it in contact with the black outer side instead. I'm doing it wrong?

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning Francesca, the supplied magnet should only be used to test the correct functionality of the solenoids. It is a simple test that can be carried out with the band not worn, by bringing it close to the solenoid with the device running (therefore green light on). If the magnet vibrates, it means that the solenoid is delivering the magnetic field correctly. Sincerely

  101. Elena says:

    Hi, I have been diagnosed with broken meniscus, tibial plateau and the III medial ligament following a trauma and I have to do magnetotherapy for 30 days, 8 hours a day. I bought magnetocare colpharma and I don't know the frequencies that I have to set. If you can help me… thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello Elena, Colpharma's Magnetocare device is a high-frequency device and this means that it is not the most suitable for your needs. In fact, the high frequency is recommended for less important, superficial and soft tissue diseases such as tendons or muscles. To benefit from the therapy in 30 days, I highly recommend using a low frequency device such as the I-TECH MAG2000, LaMagneto (or equivalent), preferably with a double applicator so as to treat two areas simultaneously. Coming to your question, it is not possible to answer you accurately, as frequencies ranging from 20 to 50Hz are recommended for the areas you will have to treat, while your device delivers in the order of MHz. Having already purchased the device, however, you can maybe think of hiring the other one and continue after the first 30 days to do treatments with the high frequency one. Sincerely

  102. David says:

    Hello, I currently have a broken fracture of the clavicle. I am using the "8" brace and will have 40gg (20 at the moment). I would like to know if it was already possible to use magnetotherapy or if we need to wait for bone calcification.
    thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, I confirm that starting immediately to do magnetotherapy will help the formation of callus. Yours sincerely

  103. Massimo says:

    Hello, I have been diagnosed with tendinosis and inflammation of the pes anseris… How can I set up the Mag. 2000? I have both the three Solenoid band and the two in pairs. Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, you can set your device to 70 Hz and 50 Gauss, using the pair of solenoids instead of the band. Yours sincerely

  104. David says:

    Hello, using Mag2000 for calcification of the right clavicle for about 2 hours per day. Is it possible to use magnetotherapy for inflammation of the left shoulder muscle on the same day? Or do they have to spend 24H? Also during the treatment is it possible to take breaks and then resume? Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Good evening, it can perform the treatment simultaneously on two different areas without any contraindication. As for the breaks, since the session of 2 hours (in my opinion few for the treated area), better not to do so. Yours sincerely

  105. David says:

    Hello, I wanted to know if during the therapy it is possible to use electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones, computers etc… thank you

  106. Paride says:

    Hi I have a detachment of the right fibula apex I wanted to know how many hz and Gauss to set and for how long per day? And I wanted to know the maximum time I can use the machine so that it has maximum efficiency. Thanks in advance

  107. Maddalena Mastropaolo says:

    Good morning in case of algodystrophic syndrome in a 15-year-old girl, created by non-consolidation of a fracture in the pubis, the physiatrist advised me 40 min per day. Are sufficient? Also, is it normal for the solenoids not to vibrate?

  108. Antonella Marchi says:

    Hello Daniele, I am undergoing therapy with the I-TECH MAG 2000 for a cuboid fracture 50 Hz 50 Gauss for 2 hours per day and a trochanteritis 30 Hz 50 gauss for 2 hours, can you confirm that it is right? Can I use the computer, mobile phone and watch TV (I read somewhere that the TV must be at least 3 meters away) when I do the therapy? Thank you for your always cordial response

  109. Giorgio says:

    Good morning,
    I have the possibility to use an I-Tech MAG-2000, with facia to 3 solenoids, but I would like a suggestion regarding the recommended settings (in terms of frequency and Gauss). I have noticed that different manufacturers suggest different settings (especially in terms of frequency, for the same diseases. It is not clear to me when very low frequencies are indicated (well below 50 Hz) and when it is appropriate to approach 100 Hz.
    In particular I am interested in:
    1. inflammation of the patellar tendon [right knee];
    2. knee inflammation: mild arthrosis and meniscus injury [right knee].
    3. condylopathy (lesion of the femoral condyle, on knee with lca reconstruction) [sn knee];

    Thank you.

  110. Stephen says:

    Hello, I have tendinopathy at the level of the insertion on the greater truncate femur. I checked your parameters on the use of the magnetotherapy device and I wanted to ask you if the setting of 73 Hz (tendonitis) and 70 gauss (100 for the femur) is a valid setting.
    I have a globus magnum xl device and it reaches a maximum of 70 G.
    Thank you in advance for your time.

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning Stefano, the power should be adjusted according to the quality of the applicator used and according to how large and deep the area to be treated is. In my opinion, 70 Gauss are few to treat a femur, especially in the truncation area. I would do sessions of at least 6 hours, as localized as possible.

  111. Vito says:

    Good morning. My orthopedist prescribed me to do magneto therapy for medullary edema for 6 hours a day for 30 days.
    Can you tell me the name of a good device?
    Thanks in advance

  112. Chiara says:

    Hello, I was diagnosed with an intraspongious fracture with relative edema on the right ankle and several tears and fraying of the ligaments. I have a Globus Magnum XL pro at home with max 500 gauss soft solenoids, how can I program it? Thank you for any reply

  113. Alessio says:

    Hi, I'm treating a fractured scaphoid diagnosed late with MAT1
    I have been using the machine for 1 month and I am 2 and a half months after the accident. I don't see great results and the recommended values ​​of power and frequency are different from those you mentioned above. For machine fractures it says gauss: 60-90 and frequency 15-50.
    What do you recommend?
    Thanks in advance

    • Daniele says:

      Hi Alessio and sorry for the delay in replying. As previously discussed, the parameters indicated in the manuals refer to the protocols of the moment which, clearly, are updated and improved over time. Therefore, I always recommend following the indications of the most recent models (I state that I do not know the MAT1). In any case, make sure to perform 4-6 hours treatments, at 20-25Hz and 50 gauss. Kind regards

  114. Carmelo says:

    Hi, I have a small hernia in L5-S1 which made my sciatic nerve inflame enormously I bought a mag1000 with two therapeutic bands to use. What type of program should I use and where to concentrate the application with the 2 bands I have? About the hernia or where the sciatic nerve hurts the most?
    I have not yet purchased the mat, having preferred to take a second therapeutic band to be connected.
    thank you

  115. Alessio says:

    Hi, I bought mag2000 and wanted to know if I can use magnetotherapy to force the callus formed in a part of the femur where it was removed by multi-fracture, my question is can I use mag2000 magnetic therapy even if there are titanium parts like plates and screws, and if the answer is yes, what are the parameters I need to follow and how often?

    • Daniele says:

      Hi and sorry for the delay in replying. Magnetotherapy is an excellent adjuvant for the formation of callus, and can be used without contraindications even in the presence of titanium synthetic screws. Kind regards

  116. Matteo says:

    Hello, the physiatrist advised me to treat with magnetotherapy a cervical muscle tension that has become chronic following two whiplashes in the same month. I have a mag2000 device with 3 solenoid band: it already has a pre-set program for "neck pain" of 2 h at 10 Hz. I wanted to know if in your opinion the time and power are sufficient or better to set the parameters in another way. Thank you.

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, 35 Gauss will be more than enough to treat the cervical area, but better with 3 hour treatments (every 24 hours). Kind regards

  117. Daniela says:

    Good morning I have single knee prosthesis and after a year I sometimes have trouble. I have a mag1000. Can I use it for pain and eventually to increase my absent musculature? On what frequency? Thanks so much

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, magnetotherapy would have no effect on strengthening the muscles. For this type of application, I recommend the use of a muscle electrostimulator, better if combined with physical activity. However, he can use his Mag 1000 to try to remove the complained "annoyance" by setting the anti-inflammatory program. I recommend in this regard to read this brief guide. Kind regards

  118. Fabio says:

    due to an accident I suffered a slight fracture of the wrist hook.
    The orthopedist detected fluid in my wrist and prescribed me magnetotherapy.
    The operators of the sector intervene who with 1 hour per day and who 1 / 2h per day and are therefore oriented towards the purchase or rental.
    Which instrument and settings would be the most convenient?
    thank you

      • Fabio says:

        Thank you for the reply.
        I have a family member who lives with me who has heart and circulation problems. Can it somehow create problems or can I use the tool without problems?
        thank you

        • Daniele says:

          Hello and sorry I'm late. You can only use the magnetotherapy device if there is no baypass or pacemaker. Yours sincerely

      • without towers says:

        I underwent surgery for metatarsalgia and 2 'and 3' hammer toes. at resignation they prescribed me magnetotherapy at 45/50
        Hz and 40/45 Gauss x 4 hours for day 2 in the morning and two in the evening, with the magnets placed on the side of the foot, one with the south and the other with the north in contact, I would like your opinion, thanks

        • Daniele says:

          Hello and forgive the delay. These settings may be fine, but they can definitely be improved, also depending on the device you are using. Sincerely

    • Daniele says:

      Hello and sorry I'm late. Of course, it can be used over a bandage, plaster or brace, or in any case over clothing. Yours sincerely

  119. daniele says:

    Hi, I underwent brachial biceps surgery for a distal tendon rupture. I already have a mag2000, can it help for a better recovery? If so, could I have advice on use and application times?

  120. joseph says:

    I suffered and suffer from paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (FAP). Do I risk a crisis if I use low-frequency magnetotherapy for subchondral edema of the right knee? The low frequency and the distance from the chest shouldn't create problems on the heart rate, Thanks.

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, I confirm that you can proceed with the treatment, if you are not a peacemaker. However, I advise you to contact your orthoepdic before starting the treatment. Yours sincerely

  121. joseph from the saint says:

    good morning, I fractured my right ischeopubic branch 10 days ago.. I can take advantage of magnetotherapy where you recommend putting the applicators and for how many days.. thank you very much

    • Daniele says:

      Hi Giuseppe, unfortunately the lower and inner area and the basin can be the most difficult to treat with magnetotherapy, which, however, if carried out with the necessary precautions, can lead to significant benefits in terms of rehabilitation times. I advise you to treat the part with a device that delivers high powers and an applicator with a mat, in this case the most suitable as it will have 6-8 hours of sessions (preferably at night) for at least 40 days. If you wish, we can provide you with one, already preset for the type of cycle you will have to do, and find it at the following link: Feel free to contact us if you need help. Yours sincerely

  122. Giuseppe says:

    Hello, I would like to know, if possible, how to set up an i-tech 2000 Mag for a problem of osteoarthritis tibio astragalica + bone edema in the foot.

  123. Piero says:

    Good morning, due to an accident I reported fractures of the displaced femur and the surgery with the insertion of a screw blocked nail near the head of the femur and 2 closer to the knee. It has been over 4 months but the callus did not form where the fracture was. With the orthopedic surgeon it was decided to try to remove the screw closest to the head of the femur to bring down the bone and touch the two parts and stimulate the growth of the callus. They advised me to use magnetotherapy to stimulate regrowth, my question is: which solenoid is better to use, the Hrz and Gauss and for how many hours per day?
    Thank you.

  124. DANTE LUCA CIUFFI says:

    : Hello, I have an edema problem in a sesamoid of the metatarsus of the left foot. I have rented a magnetotherapy device with preset programming and I am using an 8-hour night fracture program but I don't know if I am right, as recommended by the health system, to position the solenoids one above and the other under the foot with opposite poles! ? Thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, the treated area is very small and superficial, so by wearing the applicator directly on the foot you can also place a single solenoid in correspondence with the area.

  125. Cinzia says:

    Hi I am using a mag 700 device for rent for knee chondropathy after marrow infiltration with orthopedic indication of 12 sessions set at int: 50 and Hertz 15 for 4 - 8 hours alternating the knees is it right? It will relieve the pain I did 6 days but no improvement. Thanks

  126. enrico says:

    Hello, I have a May 2000 plus, I have two bands and a mat.
    For my degenerated and thickened left Achilles tendon, with fasciitis and spur, and the other right less but similar, I use 80 hz and 100 gauss with the mat, while with the bands 80hz and 60 gauss. Correct?

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, not quite correct 🙂 The power depends on the depth of the area to be treated, therefore in his case, using the bands for a localized treatment, 60 Gauss will be more than enough. As for the 70 Hz frequency they will be more than good. Do not use the mat for the ankle, it would not benefit from it as there would be a lot of dispersion. Yours sincerely

  127. Ernesto says:

    Hi good morning, I read that tendon problems can be treated with the 75Hz frequency.
    I have the Mar-2000 but the frequency goes from 70Hz to 80Hz. Could you please tell me the frequency 75 which corresponds to Mar-2000?
    I have a problem with the supraspinatus microcalcifications and a slight discomfort inside the biceps. I am currently testing with the 70Hz frequency Guass 80Hz band supplied with 3 solenoids and for 3 hours in the evening and 3 hours in the morning - in the morning I am forced to apply the magneto on the shirt therefore I raise it to Guass 100/110. Can you tell me the correct parameters, thanks. Best regards.

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, unfortunately the MAG2000 allows frequencies in 10Hz steps. In any case, it is possible to use 70Hz, lowering the power to 70-80 Gauss with the band, or 50 Gauss with the pair of headphone solenoids. Consider that treatments on muscle tissue can last up to 40-60 days, before bringing the desired results. Sincerely

  128. Luisa says:

    Hi, I have to start magnetotherapy for a fracture of the big toe, I was wondering if it can be done without removing the bands and if the transducers should be placed close together or one on each side of the foot, thanks

  129. Ernesto says:

    Good evening,
    today I went to visit, for the right shoulder problem, scheduled before I started the magnetotherapy and before I asked you to confirm the settings I selected.
    Diagnosis: the problem is not the supraspinatus but "ARTHROSIS" and I have been prescribed a CT scan and continue with Magnetotherapy.
    In about 15 days of use, for 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening, at 70Hz and 80 Guass (convinced that the problem was only the supraspinatus and microcalcifications) I noticed a significant improvement.
    Reading your indications on the correct use ..., I noticed that for Osteoarthritis a frequency different from the 70Hz used by me must be used.
    Considering that I have noticed a remarkable improvement, do you advise me to continue with the settings: 70Hz and 80 Guass?
    thank you

  130. Giorgio says:

    Hello Daniele,
    I have a problem with spongy medullary edema in the knee and ankle, plus ligament distraction and minor injury to the internal meniscus.
    I already have a Globus Magnum XL Pro machine that can be calibrated in the range 5 - 100 Gauss (while the frequency cannot be altered except to create a customized program).

    I was advised to do at least 8 hours per knee and 8 hours per ankle (tot 16).

    The preset program starts with a power of 20 Gauss while the applied frequency is unknown.

    I to feel some effect I set everything to 40 gauss, also because I have a very large structure (1,80 x 100kg, large muscle mass, tendon and bone)

    What do you recommend as frequency and gauss and application times?

    I wish I could consult it in private (paying obviously), could you write me to the email I entered in the form?
    thank you

  131. raffaela says:

    Hello. I have severe pain in the coccyx, I have not had trauma, the physiotherapist thinks bad posture. Does magnetotherapy ever go up to 100 gauss, can it be fine? And how long? And how many sessions? Thanks so much.

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, I believe that in your case it is better to first hear the opinion of a specialist doctor to see where your pain originates. Without knowing what we are taking care of, it is not possible to set up the device. Yours sincerely

  132. CATERINA says:

    Hi, following severe pain and swelling in my foot and ankle, the MRI revealed a metatarsal stress fracture and an ankle effusion. The orthopedist advised me to do the 200 gauss magneto at home for 8 hours a day. After a rental period I bought an I-Tech Mag 2000 and have been doing the therapy for almost 2 months. My foot is much better and so is the swelling, but I'm still in pain and I'm reducing my therapy hours a bit. Due to the coronavirus situation, I cannot contact the orthopedic surgeon who works in Modena, I would like to know if there are any contraindications if I continue with the magneto and for how long it can be done. Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hi Catherine, 200 Gauss are really a lot for an ankle, let alone a metatarsal! Either way, 40 Gauss would have been enough. Having said that, there are no side effects due to overdose of magnetotherapy, but clearly the right thing to do after 60 days of treatment would be to return to visit to have the doctor evaluate how to proceed. Yours sincerely

  133. Ilie ovidiu Andriciuc says:

    Good morning, due to a fall from a height I had a trimalleolar and tibial pilon fracture of the left leg, with osteosynthesis plus compound fracture of the right tibial plateau. I have a mag 2000 plus, can you advise me how many gauss and hz to set to get the best results? I have read that by increasing the gauss there are more possibilities of formation of the callus, while for the hz I do not understand anything there is the invoice program but it seems a little bit like a setting at 50 gauss and 50 hz. Having bought the most professional and powerful model I would like to use it to the fullest, thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, I apologize for the late reply. More power, therefore more Gauss, allow you to reach deeper areas and treat larger limbs. In his case, therefore, 50 Gauss are fine. For what concerns the frequency instead, use the program which in May 2000 is called fractures. Kind regards

  134. Claudio says:

    Good morning I have a May 2000 plus I can treat cervical (arthrosis manifestations with discopathy C3C4 C4C5 C5C6 with hernia between C4C5 and at the same time knee with lateral degenerative meniscopathy of high degree and tendency to fragmentation of cartilage. Which programs can I set? Thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, the good news is that you can use the MAG2000 Plus for both of the aforementioned conditions. The less good one is that they must be treated at two different frequencies, 30Hz for cervical osteoarthritis and 75Hz for cartilage lesions, so you will have to do two separate sessions per day. Alternatively, you can use a two-channel device that allows you to deliver two different frequencies at the same time, such as the I-TECH La Magneto Pro, and treat both zones in the same session. For further information, I refer you to the dedicated page: Yours sincerely

  135. Carla says:

    Good morning. From September 2019 I have a fracture to the D12 vertebra and I wore a shoulder corset until the end of March. Now I took it off a little and did magnetotherapy for a month to rent, for 1 and a half hours on fractures at 50. For two months I bought the mag2000 in an orthopedic shop and set it on fractures at 2 hours per day, always on 50. Yesterday I bought the mat to do magnetotherapy to the bed and no longer sit, but I don't know if the solenoids should be placed vertically or horizontally and if the setting is right. Thanks for your kind reply.

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, to treat the area of ​​the column the advice is to raise the power of the device, even to the maximum. In this way it is possible to reach the areas concerned. It can set the duration of the treatment to 8 hours and position the mat with the two rows of solenoids in a direction perpendicular to the column. Yours sincerely.

  136. Marco Garofoli says:

    Hello, having a consolidation delay on a fracture of the distal third of the fibula, I am doing magnetotherapy at 50 gauss for seven hours a day, do you think that a three-month treatment period is adequate to hope for a positive result?

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning Marco, I apologize for the late reply. 90 days are in most cases abundant enough to treat a delay in bone calcification. Usually, if there are no other related problems, even 40/60 days can be more than enough. Yours sincerely

  137. Daniele says:

    Good evening I have an edema idea in the hip (accumulated liquid) and the doctor prescribed Clody ampoules and magnetotherapy with Igea i-one at least 8 hours a day for 60 days. Since at home I already have an electromed MAT1 device of my property, how should I set it up to use it?
    Yours sincerely

  138. Paul says:

    Hello, as a result of an accidental fall on a bicycle I got a strong contusion to the ribs of the chest on the right side.
    No fractures can be seen from the x-rays taken on the ER, even though I was told by the radiologist that the micro-fractures/costal infringements are not always detectable by the aforementioned examination.
    After 7 days of rest and anti-inflammatory, I still have great difficulty moving.
    I own a May 2000.
    Do you advise me to use the preset “intercostal contusions” = 15Hz program, or better to use the “fractures” program = 50Hz?
    Thanks for any clarification

  139. Davide Malviso says:

    Hi I have a sciatica brought on by a hernia in l5 s1. Is a machine that works at high frequency okay? Thank you

  140. Pietri says:

    Good morning due to a fall I broke the Omer of the left arm the physiatrist told me to do magnetotherapy cycles, I wanted to know where to position the solenoid at how many hertz and how long per day
    thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, there are no medical studies that confirm the use of magnetotherapy on cellulite with positive results. Maybe they can do ultrasonic cavitation treatments for you. I recommend that you go to a doctor who specializes in cosmetic surgery. Sincerely

  141. Savior says:

    Hi I wanted to buy a magnetotherapy device for the right knee due to arthrosis due to cartilage wear and ligament laxity I wanted to know if the i tech mag 2000 plus model goes bn and eventually the values ​​and duration time to set. Thank you

  142. Giorgia says:

    Hi, I have tibial plateau bone edema, broken ACL and meniscus fissure following a knee sprain. I'm doing magnetotherapy and clodron. I would like to know if I can go to the gym without putting weight on the knee but to maintain muscle tone in the quadriceps, thighs and buttocks (I do all the exercises sitting and lying down) and if I can do leg presses and leg curls with a minimum load, I repeat, for don't lose muscle tone. Now I'm treating the bone edema, only later will we think about the ACL and meniscus. I specify that apart from the gym, which doesn't bother me, I try to rest, walk a little and stand a little (which are the actions that make me feel unwell most). Thank you.

    • Daniele says:

      Hello and thank you for writing to us. Unfortunately, we cannot give medical advice in any way. However, I can tell you that it is not forbidden to do physical activity during a cycle of magnetotherapy, if however it is specified by the orthopedist or treating doctor. Sincerely

  143. Valentina says:

    Congratulations on the article!
    Magnetotherapy was recommended to me for a large area of ​​intraspongious edema and injury to the peroneal-astralgic ligament. The doctor did not provide me with information on the power to use, from the article you linked, I understand that for both problems the optimal one is 75 hz, is this correct? I have read many good reviews on the MAG 2000, I wanted to ask if in your opinion the band can be fine (and if so, how many gauss should I set?) or if the two solenoids are more suitable… Many thanks in advance for your availability!

  144. Patrizia says:

    Hello, I have an i tech mag20000 plus device equipped with a mat which, however, I find extremely rigid and uncomfortable for long therapies. How can I solve this inconvenience thanks

  145. Thomas says:

    very kind,
    after x-ray of the left peroneal malleolus and relative report that excluded any form of problem, persistent pain in touch and function, I underwent an MRI that showed "fracture rhyme in the fibular malleolus with discrete intraspongious edema". I was also told to do 30 days of magneto among other things. I have i-tech mag2000plus, I ask you to please tell me which hz and gauss parameters to set and what duration the sessions typically have to have for a good effect.

  146. Nicholas Dascanio says:

    Hi, I have an intraspongious edema to the cuboid of the foot, following a trauma a few months ago. I rented an I-Tech Mag 2000, they didn't recommend a program or specific frequency or field strength values. May I know what you think? Thanks so much

  147. Giorgio says:

    More than a comment I would like some advice, I have a displaced fracture of the tibia fibula reduced with an intramedullary pin but after a year it does not have bone callus, before other interventions they recommended CEMP, I bought MAG 2000 preset at 50 gauss and 70 HZ for 60 days whole night, can it be okay? With 3 solenoid band emanator thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Hello George, displaced fractures must be treated over their entire length, so you should make sure that your fascia is able to cover the entire affected area. If not, I advise you to use a second one together, the MAG 2000 allows you to do this. After that, he can set the frequency manually to 30 Hz and do treatments of 6-8 hours per day, for 45-60 days. Best regards

  148. Prisca says:

    Hello Daniele,
    On the advice of the orthopedic surgeon, I have to treat the beginning of osteonecrosis of the femoral head following a compound fracture of the neck with magnetotherapy and subsequent osteosynthesis with three screws.
    After a year and a half from the operation, necrosis and "slight amount of intra-articular" and "periwound" effusion were highlighted.
    I bought the Meg2000 plus. I see a program for osteonecrosis at 50 Gauss and 50 Hz. Can you recommend that or what else?
    Having to do it myself (the orthopedist told me only low frequency) I would like the opinion of an expert.
    Thank you so much for your availability.

    • Daniele says:

      Hi Prisca, the preset program is fine. However, considering the very deep area to be treated, I advise you to use not the band with three solenoids but the double headphone solenoid, a power of not less than 100 Gauss and sessions of at least 6 continuous hours. Yours sincerely

  149. Valerio says:

    Good evening, I am 44 years old and after an accident I have 2 vertebrae L1 and L2 with a broken transverse process, one of which is displaced. Then 3 ribs the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are broken on the back of the back. And cervical trauma, in fact my neck hurts. I bought an i-tech model LaMagneto, with 2 bands with 3 solenoids. Then in the resonance m. they also found 5 herniated discs, 2 of which were cervical, but I've never had pain problems. Kindly what do you recommend as programs? Weight 59kg. Then I will have to wear the C35 corset. Thank you very much

  150. fulvio adoglio says:

    Hello, due to a skiing accident I stretched my collaterals, I bought Globus Magnum L, which parameters and times should I use? Thank you!

  151. Nicol says:

    good morning, I wanted to rent a Globus magnum 5/200 low frequency magnetotherapy device for treatment after achilles tendon surgery as it is broken. Can you kindly tell me where to place the solenoid, the correct frequency and duration? Thank you

  152. Alexander says:

    Good nights, I'm 38 years old and I'm a sportsman, I had a partial fracture of my ankle and my traumatologist suggested that I use magnetotherapy, I bought the I-tech pro, which program I would recommend until the frequency and power would be adequate , muchísimas gracias

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