If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact our customer service at free toll free 800.801.808 or to from the cellular network, or alternatively send us a message using the appropriate form


Our rental service is open to everyone, both private individuals and retailers and professionals in the sector.

It is possible to rent our items by booking through the website, or by contacting us by telephone at free toll-free 800.801.808 or from a cellular network

Deliveries are made by our technicians in person, always by appointment, or by Corriere Espresso for remote areas. Usually we can deliver within the workday, including Saturday morning.

Home delivery does not have additional costs, but is included in the rental rate.

No, all our aids are rented without any type of security deposit, with the exception of mobility scooters, for which during checkout it is possible to choose between accidental damage insurance, or a security deposit which is returned at the end of the rental .

Ours are devices designed and manufactured for home use, so their use is designed for patients of all types. Furthermore, the operator who will come to deliver the device will teach the patient how to operate it. Inside the package, however, you will always find the brochure with the instructions for use, in Italian.

We only deliver aids certified as Medical Devices by the Ministry of Health and at each term of a rental the aid is checked by our technical staff, cleaned and disinfected. Furthermore, all our items are conceived and designed for home use, therefore very functional and very easy to use.

In the event of a malfunction please contact us immediately so that we can arrange an item replacement together as soon as possible.

We accept major credit cards, Paypal and bank transfers.

To issue an invoice, valid for the deduction for tax purposes of the entire amount, remember to communicate the tax code to the operator or to enter it during registration.


If you ask yourself which wheelchair to choose, consult our guide how to choose the right wheelchair

We have a large wheelchair park, suitable for all needs. To see all the types of wheelchairs available, click here

We have wheelchairs with seats of different sizes, but to rent the wheelchair of the correct size it will be sufficient to indicate the height and weight of the patient when ordering.

A medium-sized wheelchair, suitable for adult patients of medium size (1,75cm x 80Kg), have a maximum overall width of about 70 cm. If your lift has the narrowest door of this size you will need to rent the model of wheelchair for narrow passages

All our wheelchairs can be closed by a simple movement of the seat, so you can easily be loaded in the car and stored at home without taking up space.

Being equipped with elevated armrests, it is possible to bring the patient down from the wheelchair by lifting the two side armrests and sliding it sideways on the seat. This feature is very important because it also allows patients with reduced mobility to use our wheelchairs.

All our wheelchairs can be used indiscriminately for indoor or outdoor environments. In the case of indoor environments, however, the advice we give you is to consider the presence of very narrow rooms, very small doors or lifts and communicate them to our operator, in order to deliver the aid of the right size.

A wheelchair equipped with simple footrests is supplied as standard. On request, however, they can be replaced with leg lift supports, necessary in those cases where the patient needs to keep one of the legs (or both) extended. The accessory has no extra costs.


Magnetotherapy is a healthy, harmless therapy that does not poison the body. To date, there are no published studies reporting a list of recognized side effects

Magnetotherapy is a therapy that brings its benefits in the medium to long term, especially in the case of applications on large parts of the body, such as the pelvis or the femur. We always recommend therapies with a minimum duration of 20 days for the smallest parts such as the scaphoid, hallux valgus or wrist, but it will also be necessary to reach up to 40 or more days for larger bone fractures and pathologies in phase acute

To carry out a cycle of appropriate sessions of magnetotherapy, it is good to do sessions of no less than 2 consecutive hours, up to a maximum of 8 hours. This information, together with the necessary number of days of therapy, is generally given directly by the doctor who prescribes the device, but if necessary, our technician will give you the appropriate indications.

Absolutely not! During magnetotherapy applications, nothing is ever felt.

Magnetotherapy, emitting electromagnetic fields, is able to treat limbs and parts of the body even if still bandaged, covered with plaster or a brace. Our technician will program the machine with a higher emission power, in order to generate a deeper magnetic field

To run a cycle of magnetotherapy safely and effectively, you need a device for Low frequency CEMP magnetotherapy, which is certified by the Ministry of Health as a medical device, and home-based, so as to turn it on simply with a few clicks

VEM has both current and battery powered devices. Both are low frequency CEMP magnetic therapy devices, but with the difference that the latter can also be used outside the home, guaranteeing an autonomy of up to 3 hours. Contact us for more information about it

VEM only supplies low frequency CEMP devices, certified as Medical Devices by the Ministry of Health, portable and easy to use for the user. The device, programmed according to the type of therapy to be performed, is equipped with the most suitable accessory for the therapy to be performed (radiating band, pair of cap solenoids, mat) and also has two high-power channels in so that in case of need it can be used on two parts of the body at the same time

Although magnetotherapy is a healthy therapy and proof of side effects, it is not recommended for use in case of pregnancy and lactation, juvenile diabetes, acute viral infections, mycosis, in patients with peacemakers or with cardiovascular diseases, in case of patients with ongoing tumor processes, or in case of hyperthyroidism


The kinetec for knee and hip is a tool that allows you to do passive knee rehabilitation at home or in the hospital, even immediately after surgery, taking advantage of all the advantages of CPM (Contine Passive Motion)
It is the doctor or orthopedist who prescribes the use of kinetec, in cases where they deem it appropriate to have the patient undergo passive rehabilitation of the limb.
Once you know how it works, its use turns out to be quite simple. However, how to use the kinetec or how to adjust the kinetec at best may not be so intuitive and therefore the initial intervention of one of our technicians is necessary who will program the device and install it, adjusting it according to the physical needs of the patient.
All Kinetecs for knee and hip are specific instruments for passive rehabilitation of the limb.