What is pubalgia

In this article I will talk about groin going to find out what it is, what the symptoms are, what the cures and remedies are.

First of all, we need to know that pubalgia it is a very annoying and painful disorder that mainly affects athletes, especially when intense training dominates their physical abilities.

But what is pubalgia in detail? Pubalgia is an inflammation that affects the muscles in the pubic area, especially when that area is excessively stressed by the effort.

First of all, groin causes pain that can only be alleviated by rest, but let's find out what the symptoms of this condition are.

Pubalgia symptoms

Now that we've discovered what groin is, let's find out about the symptoms.

Among the most common symptoms of groin we find: pain in the groin area, muscle and joint pain and pain in the side.

However, the main symptom is pain in the tendon muscle near the groin and pain can often spread to the inside of the thigh.

The symptoms are felt mainly in the morning, but the duration and intensity of the pain could increase if you continue to practice as if nothing was sports. Therefore, one of the most important tips is to not underestimate the first symptoms, but immediately put yourself to rest to avoid worse consequences than normal.

It is important to know that groin is not the only disease that presents with groin paintherefore, before starting a treatment it is best to consult a doctor.

But how is pubalgia treated? Let's find out in detail in the next paragraph.

Pubalgia cures and remedies

Now that we've analyzed the symptoms of groin, let's find out what the most effective cure is.

Although it may seem trivial, the first phase of treating pubalgia is total rest. Rest that can get you away from the sport even up to 5 months, where you don't have to do sports like: running, soccer, basketball, volleyball, dance, etc. The only sport that can be continued is the new one, but only after a medical consultation.

Even basic remedies could be trivial, but it takes care to underestimate them:

  • don't ignore the pain
  • consult your doctor
  • do not continue to train
  • do not underestimate the symptoms


Obviously these basic remedies must be followed only in the case in which the pubalgia is in mild form, but if they are ignored the situation could worsen. In the most serious cases the number one advice is to consult a professional.

Rest is essential, but it is not the only remedy, in fact, it must be accompanied by a parallel therapy: cryotherapy.

A very important therapy that serves to make the area affected by pain flare up.

To overcome the most annoying and painful period instead, the one represented by the most acute phase of the problem, the work of the physiotherapist and the massage therapist carried out with massages and rehabilitation is important.

As for the administration of drugs, which could accelerate recovery from the problem, analgesics, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories and corticosteroid infiltrations can be taken.

Obviously the use must be prescribed by a doctor and especially regulated so as not to cause injury to the digestive tract. Alternatively it is possible to apply physical therapies, such as homeopathy. Another method for pain relief is acupuncture.

Finally it is possible to heal from pubalgia through nutrition, but let's go and discover it in the next chapter.

Pubalgia, what to eat

Food is obviously the best natural remedy also to heal from the groin and there are many foods that can help us.

Among these we find on all curcuma and ginger, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties and, in the case of turmeric, also antithrombotic.

One tip is to take ginger and turmeric in the form of supplements for a limited period.


In this guide we have discovered what pubalgia is, what are the causes and what are the remedies. If you believe you have symptoms, the advice is to consult a professional immediately to make sure it is really a groin.

Thank you for reading this informative guide and I hope it was useful! In that case I invite you to share this article!

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  1. Marisa says:

    Good morning I would like to know if the megnetotera with May 2000 is useful for pubalgia and which program to use thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, it is possible to treat the pubic area with magnetotherapy, but I advise you to contact a doctor first to understand the pathology from what triggered it. Yours sincerely

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