How to set up the magnet therapy device?

Many are asking us how to correctly program the magnetotherapy device to treat the pathology to be treated, without risking to nullify its effect. In fact, unless you already have experience with this type of device, the risk of throwing away 30 or more days of therapy is real! A good rule of thumb would be to start by carefully reading the manual supplied with the machine, hoping that at least this will help us. But as we will see, unfortunately the solution to this problem is not always so close at hand. In this short guide we will see how to set the magnetotherapy device based on the pathology to be treated, select the right frequency and power with the correct treatment time.

Choose the program (frequency of the magnetic field)

In the article cure yourself with magnetotherapy we have seen how magnetotherapy consists in the application of pulsed magnetic fields, that is magnetic fields emitted at a given frequency. This parameter is therefore adjustable and must be set according to the type of treatment to be done. The frequency is certainly an important parameter, which set correctly within certain intervals, however, becomes secondary for an excellent success of the therapy. The table below shows the frequencies established by the latest medical protocols in the field of rehabilitation with pulsed magnetic fields, for the most common pathologies.
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome30 Hz
Osteoarthritis30 Hz
Shoulder atrosis30 Hz
Knee arthrosis30 Hz
Arthritis30 Hz
Cervical osteoarthritis10 Hz
Muscular atrophies30 Hz
Cervicalgia20 Hz
Scarring12 Hz
Flick20 Hz
chondropathy30 Hz
Coxarthrosis30 Hz
Muscle cramp1 Hz
Rotator cuff73 Hz
Discopathy25 Hz
Chronic pain10 Hz
Articolar pains30 Hz
Low back pain50 Hz
Bone edema75 Hz
epicondylitis25 Hz
Epitroclea25 Hz
Fractures25 Hz
Low back pain50 Hz
Cartillaginous injury75 Hz
Ligament injury75 Hz
Myalgia1 Hz
Neuropathy10 Hz
Osteonecrosis75 Hz
Osteoporosis8 Hz
Scapular humerus periarthritis4 Hz
Titanium prosthesis75 Hz
nonunion75 Hz
carpometacarpal osteoarthritis25 Hz
Impingement syndrome50 Hz
Muscle tear1 Hz
tendonitis73 Hz
Anti-inflammatory treatment75 Hz
Muscle treatment30 Hz
Carpal tunnel50 Hz
Tarsal tunnel75 Hz
Skin ulcers12 Hz

Adjust the power of the magnetic field

Well, we set the first parameter, frequency. Let's now proceed with the power of the magnetic field. Who read the article on how to use a magnetotherapy device he will remember well that in order not to risk nullifying the treatment, the power must be adjusted according to the type of applicator used and according to the area treated. It works more or less like this: the more the treatment is localized, the less power will be needed, but the deeper the area to be treated is compared to the epidermis and the wider the magnetic field will have to be to reach it. Similarly, a larger limb needs a larger magnetic field than a smaller limb. Unfortunately, for this parameter it is not possible to use a universal indicative table, both for reasons of the physical build of the patient and for constructive reasons of the applicator and the device used. The following table has been calibrated on an adult patient, about 175 cm tall and weighing about 75 kg (sturdier builds may require greater power especially for the treatment of deeper areas) and on the applicators supplied with magnetotherapy devices. of the I-TECH brand such as MAG 2000, MAG 2000 PLUS, LaMagneto Pro etc, or the same ones supplied by us.
Area to be treatedRecommended applicatorRecommended minimum power
CervicalRadiating band with 3 solenoids30 Gauss
Cervical40x40 floor mat50 Gauss
ShoulderPair of cap solenoids60 Gauss
ClaviclePair of cap solenoids60 Gauss
HomerRadiating band with 3 solenoids60 Gauss
HomerPair of cap solenoids50 Gauss
ElbowRadiating band with 3 solenoids50 Gauss
Ulna and radioRadiating band with 3 solenoids50 Gauss
Ulna and radioPair of cap solenoids50 Gauss
WristRadiating band with 3 solenoids40 Gauss
WristPair of cap solenoids40 Gauss
BroRadiating band with 3 solenoids40 Gauss
FingersRadiating band with 3 solenoids40 Gauss
Vertebral column and vertebrae40x40 floor mat100 Gauss
Vertebral column and vertebraeRadiating mat> 100 Gauss
Lumbar40x40 floor mat80 Gauss
LumbarRadiating mat> 100 Gauss
Hip, pelvis and femoral head40x40 floor mat100 Gauss
Hip, pelvis and femoral headRadiating mat> 100 Gauss
FemurRadiating band with 3 solenoids120 Gauss
FemurPair of cap solenoids100 Gauss
KneeRadiating band with 3 solenoids60 Gauss
KneePair of cap solenoids50 Gauss
Tibia, fibula and ankleRadiating band with 3 solenoids60 Gauss
Tibia, fibula and anklePair of cap solenoids40 Gauss
MalleolusRadiating band with 3 solenoids40 Gauss
MalleolusPair of cap solenoids30 Gauss
FootRadiating band with 3 solenoids70 Gauss
HeelRadiating band with 3 solenoids50 Gauss
FootPair of cap solenoids50 Gauss
Big toeRadiating band with 3 solenoids50 Gauss
Other toesRadiating band with 3 solenoids30 Gauss

Set the treatment time

At this point all that remains is to set the duration of the treatment. In the most modern magnetotherapy devices, such as those of the I-TECH, Globus or Sixtus brands, this parameter can be set using a convenient timer that allows the device to switch off independently once the countdown is over. It is a very convenient function, especially for those who do long night treatments. Even if magnetotherapy has no contraindications for overdose, it is good that it is done at the correct times. In this regard, it is good to know that in most cases (the diseases shown in the previous table are no exception) it is always recommended to do sessions never less than 2 continuous hours, which may however become 6 or 8, and beyond which the body tissues will not benefit further from the therapy. The rehabilitation protocols also advise one daily treatment, every 24 hours.

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    Good morning, my father has throat cancer and has ganglions that hurt him badly, he has difficulty speaking. I treat him with magnetotherapy to lighten him if yes it is the frequency he needs and the number of Gausses suited to him. Thank you, I await your reply as soon as possible

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, I advise you to suspend treatment as soon as possible and contact a specialist doctor. Magnetotherapy is not recommended in case of ongoing cancer processes. Kind regards

  2. Salvatore Bova says:

    Good evening. I should do magnetotherapy for necrosis of the femoral head following a fracture of the head itself. What frequency and power do you recommend? I read 75hz with 100 gauss while itech recommends 50hz and 50 gauss. Is it better to use the two solenoids or the mattress? Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, unfortunately the femoral head is one of the most uncomfortable areas to treat as it is particularly deep. Being able to choose I would recommend doing the treatment surely with the pair of solenoids, they are larger than those used in the mat and allow it to do a localized therapy, therefore definitely effective. You can set the machine to 75Hz, 100 Gauss. Yours sincerely

  3. ANNA CATERINA says:

    Hello. Can you tell me the settings of a MAG 2000 for a tibial bone contusion? Two months after the trauma, the hematoma is still present. Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello and sorry for the late reply. You can use the machine at 20Hz and no less than 40 Gauss. Yours sincerely

  4. Paride says:

    Hi I have a detachment of the apex of the peroneal malleolus what frequency and power do you recommend? And the daily duration of how many hours can it be (I would like to keep it as long as possible to have a better recovery so I wanted to know and how many maximum hours I could do to have maximum effectiveness)? Thanks in advance

  5. Barbara says:

    Good morning, I read that only one daily treatment is recommended, every 24 hours, however I was wondering if this recommendation could be understood as "one treatment per body district", or if you want to treat different pathologies in different parts of the body with magnetoretapia ( e.g. tendinopathy of the patellar tendon and algodystrophy in the arm) it was possible to carry out 2 treatments per day, one for each site of application.
    Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, the single daily treatment is to be considered "by area". Therefore, having to treat two different and distant areas, he can treat them on the same day and even better at the same time, as long as the device allows it. Sincerely

  6. Paul says:

    Hello, I should treat a displaced radius / ulna fracture, I am starting to use an I-Tech Mag 2000, which for the "fracture" treatment is preset at 50Herz and 50 Gauss, I would like to understand if these values ​​are fine or should I modify them.
    Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello and sorry for the late reply. I suggest you set the device to 20 Hz and 50 Gauss, and if you can use both bands. Kind regards

  7. Simone says:

    Hi, I have to do knee magnetotherapy for quadriceps tendinosis which frequency and Gaus should I use, because I don't have a specific program on my device.

  8. elisjon alijaj says:

    hi for a muscle stretching on the calf / thigh behind how much should I use?
    I also have inflammation in my thumb and index fingers and in my right knee
    lamagneto is the machinery

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, you can refer to the manual of your device, as it is the one with the most updated programs at the moment. For muscle strains we recommend the 1 Hz program, for the knee it depends on the pathology. Kind regards

  9. alberto says:

    Buenas tardes I keep an edema oseo en los sesamoideos del pie y I hold the mag itech 2000 a que hz y gaus debo de programar la maquina para la cura de este edema ya que llevo 1 año con el y no se cura.

  10. simone says:

    Good morning ... my wife should treat a lumbar area subject to arthrosis and discopathies and slight presence of hernia ... every now and then the pains get stronger ... what treatment do you recommend and with what dosages? ... only at low frequency or even at high frequency since the Does the device we use also allow the use of the latter? .... thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, osteoarthritis can be treated at 25-30Hz, therefore strictly low frequency. The only precaution is to use a power of at least 80-100 Gauss for 6-8 hours, as with a mat or mat applicator it will not be possible to do a localized therapy. Sincerely

  11. Alessio says:

    Hello, I have mag700, for the treatment of a bone edema at the external femoral console which powers should I apply? Thank you

  12. Dario says:

    Hi, I have a May 2000, I have to carry out treatment on a young patient with painful knee, operated on the external alar ligament (lateral release). What frequency and Gauss should I set? Thank you

  13. maria grace says:

    Good morning,
    i have the magneto-pro of i-tech, how should i set the frequency and power parameters for a
    heel bone edema

    thanks and happy new year

  14. Antonella says:

    Good morning
    I have an L1 fracture with osteoporosis
    I rented the globus magnum 3000 pro and since I have a corset I was advised to raise it to 54 (the automatic setting was 30) for 8 hours.
    I use two bands with 2 solenoids side by side in the lumbar area.
    Do you think it's okay? Or should I use the mat?
    How long should I do it for? (now it's about a month)
    And then if I sometimes split the job to get up a bit from the bed, does that mean it wasn't effective?
    Thank you

  15. mauro says:

    Hello I have an "External hyperpressure of the patella with wear of the cartilage of the trochlear fundus, with medial tibia-femoral overload with chondral suffering of the condyle".
    I have a NEWDOLPASS the program recommends me 45 ′ at 320Hz; I can set the gausses between 20, 40 and 60.
    Do you confirm the data and recommend the gausses to be set?
    thank you

  16. Alberto Campagnolo says:

    Good morning, for an ankle arthrosis with malleolary edema what settings should I put on a May 2000? Thank you

  17. Patrizia says:

    Good morning, should I do magnetotherapy for arthrodesis surgery 1 Wedge and osteotomy m1 with band 3 solenoids and MAG2000 device, is it correct 25 Hz 50 gauss for 5 hours or better 25 Hz 70 gauss always for 5 hours? Thank you and greetings

  18. Andrea says:

    What is the recommended setting for a Globus Magnum XL pro for Kiembock's disease (carpal semilunar osteonecrosis)?

      • Andrea says:

        What field strength do you recommend with the two opposing solenoid band of the Magnum XL Pro and a classic night treatment around 8 hours?
        Thank you

    • Christian says:

      Good morning you have to carry out Magnetotherapy for Osgood's disease.
      What program, how many herz, how many gauss?

      • Daniele says:

        Hello Christian, Osgood's disease causes inflammation of the bone-cartilage part in the upper area of ​​the tibia. As such, it can deal with a generic 50 Hz, 50 Gauss program for 4/5 hours per day. Best regards

  19. Davide says:

    Good evening, I have a medial collateral sprain in my left knee. I own a mag-700… how should I set it up for the best benefit? Thanks

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, ligament injuries can be treated at 75Hz. Bear in mind that the band supplied to the mag 700 is not the best performing, so it will have to raise the power even to 60-70 Gauss. Yours sincerely

  20. Luca says:

    Hello, I have a device with a pair of solenoids. For an anterior cruciate injury and bone edema to the tibial plateau, what settings do you recommend and for how long? Thanks a lot for the help

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning, definitely treatments not less than 3 consecutive hours. Crusader and edema can be treated at 30 Hz with a power of 50 Gauss. Yours sincerely

  21. Giampiero says:

    Hello, I have a fracture in the femur that does not create bone callus, which frequency to use Low or high, which Gauss to set and which solenoid do you recommend?
    Thank you

  22. Francesco says:

    Good evening, I had a displaced fracture III distal fibula and diastasis of the malleolar forceps with complete injury of the deltoid ligament of the left ankle. I underwent surgery with fibula synthesis and reduction with plate and screws, re-insertion of the leg. deltoid with two anchors and syndesmosis stabilization with screw. For magnetotherapy I have been given magnetomax plus. How should I set it up for the best benefit? Thanks in advance.

  23. bartolo says:

    I have a contracted cervical and dorsal fascia and I own itech mag with two circular solenoids, how should I position them? and with what values ​​and time?
    thank you so much

  24. Giovanni Rossi says:

    I noticed that in the list of the various programs to be set according to the frequency, reference is always made to a range between 0 and 100 Hz.
    When is high frequency used?

  25. Simona says:

    Good morning, I have an ankle sprain. I own an x-pro magnet. I wanted to know what duration and frequency to use. Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, I apologize for the delay in replying. The frequencies to be used do not change according to the device, so you can refer to the table in the article searching for "muscle treatment". Sincerely

  26. Michele says:

    Hello, I am 21 years old and I have Osgood Schlatter disease, I have a mag2000, I use two solenoids, what intensity and frequency should I set? I didn't find much about it and magnetotherapy was recommended to me by my physiatrist.

    • Daniele says:

      Hi, I apologize for the delay. With May 2000, using the band, I would recommend 20 Hz, 50 Gauss and 6 hour daily sessions for at least 30 consecutive days. Yours sincerely

  27. Maurizio says:

    Hello, I have a globus magnum xl device, to cure a meniscopathy which program should I use and, how long and how many gauss?
    Thanks Maurizio

  28. Nicoletta says:

    Hello, I suffer from fibromyalgia I would like to know the frequency to set up magnetotherapy, I have heard that it can give relief. Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, I have never had to treat patients afflicted with fibromyalgia with magnetotherapy, I would recommend them before starting and if you have not already done so to hear the opinion of a doctor. However, it is a pathology affecting both bone and soft tissue, so it can be treated in the same way as arthritis, but with longer cycles (40-60 days) and applications as localized as possible. Sincerely

  29. Blessed says:

    Hi, I have an edema of the spongy bone of the internal tibial plateau, I bought a Mag 700 with a two solenoid radiating band… For now I'm doing it 6 hours a day, 70 gauss 30 Hz. Am I wrong? THE INSTRUMENT HAS 11 PROGRAMS but there is not one that concerns my problem ... Best regards

  30. John says:

    Good evening I have the supraspinatus tendon of the left shoulder which is injured you can try to remove the pain with Magneto therapy thanks I have itech the magneto. I state that I am on the list for surgery but I see it long with the times that are running.

  31. anna says:

    Hi, I have an I-tech mag 1000 and I have patellar femoral chondropathy (left knee). They told me to do pulsed magnetotherapy for 30 days. Based on my device, can you tell me how to set up the therapy?
    Thank you


  32. Andrea says:

    Good afternoon,
    with an I-tech Mag 2000 device with 3 solenoid band,
    having undergone a destructive injury to the anterior cruciate and external collateral, with associated subcutaneous hematoma ed
    edema of adjacent soft tissues, and moderate intraarticular synovial reaction, which cycle do you recommend?
    Thanks in advance. Andrew

  33. paolo fat says:

    for a muscle tear in the calf I wanted to know how to set up my appliance in May 2000, in the programs it is not mentioned

  34. Aldo says:

    Hi, to solve a problem with the slightly inflamed Achilles tendon I would like to do magnetotherapy, in your tables we suggest a frequency of 73Hz and 40 Gauas for the malleolus with 3 solenoid radiating band. The Mag 2000 however does not give the possibility to set the frequency, there is a program at 70Hz (31) and one at 80Hz (32) where I can also set the Gauss. Or at least I have not found a program where I can set the Hz to my liking. What program do you recommend?

  35. Enrico says:

    Hi, I have over 50% degenerated achyl tendon tissues, with sheath thickening.
    I put the anklet of my imag pro at 80hz and 80 gauss; the carpet at 80hz and 100 gauss. I wear it when I can because the connection to the network limits a lot. Are the parameters ok?

  36. Gabriele says:

    Good evening,

    I have an inflammation of a few months now that remains between the long extensor of the fingers of the leg and tibial periostitis. I have an I-Tech Mag200. How high do you recommend me to set it up and for how many days? I have already done a week 2 hours per day of Autoscan. Can it fit? Thanks a lot and happy holidays

  37. PAUL JORDAN says:

    I did an operation in androscopy of the right knee for removal of the injured part of the meniscus. Post-operative cause a bone edema has arisen. I am working for 30 hours and 4 hours on the one. cheap with frequency, gauss and application time data? I have seen OSTEOPLUS, MAG 2000, MAG2000 PLUS. THANK YOU

  38. Savior says:

    Hi Daniele, I also have the same bone edema (but patella) problem. In the tables I read that for edema a frequency of 75Hz is suggested and for the knee 50 Gauss (with two solenoids). I read that for a similar edema problem present in this forum you confirm the parameters 70 gauss 30 Hz. Can you help me? thanks!

    • Daniele says:

      Hello Salvatore, I apologize for the delay. I do not find the answer you mentioned, it makes me think that the 30Hz was dictated by the need for a combined treatment. As for the power to use, the rule is to use sufficient powers to treat the affected areas. Therefore, the deeper and larger the affected part, the more the power must be raised, otherwise you risk not treating anything. The applicator used should also be considered. In fact, small solenoids require higher currents than larger solenoids. What device do you use and with what type of applicator? I recommend this short reading: Yours sincerely

  39. Barbara says:

    I have chronic cervicobracalgia
    I have an osteophyte bar and protusions that mark the marrow
    How long should I put magnetotherapy on?
    How long per day and how many days?
    I have two bands with 2 selenoids (globus XL pro)
    Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hi Barbara, I apologize for the delay in replying. The medical protocols speak of treatments of 6/8 hours per day for 40/60 days, but it can vary according to the subject. Before starting your period, if you have not already done so, I recommend that you go to an orthopedist and ask him for a consultation. Best regards

  40. Lisa says:

    Good morning
    I have an inflammation of the tendons of the lateral part of the foot for a few months now can I do magneto? How many gauss and Hz? I have a premium I-Tech Mag 2000
    Thank you

  41. Francesco Attolini says:

    Hi, I have an algodystrophy in the right hip with necrosis of the femoral head and I am a thin person, I own an Itec Mag 2000 with a band with 3 solenoids, the device recommends 50 hz and 50 gauss for 4 hours, it seems to me all a little bit, what do you recommend, thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello Francesco, I apologize for the delay in replying. The settings mentioned are incorrect. The femoral head is one of the most difficult areas to reach, so you will have to raise the power of the device to the maximum (120-150 Gauss), using the frequency of 75 Hz. Another advice I would like to give you is not to use the band applicator as it is not suitable for the indicated body part. Better to use the cap applicator (with two large solenoids) or the radiating cylinder. Finally, bring the treatment hours to 8. Sincerely

  42. Andrea says:

    Good morning, I underwent arthrodesis surgery, the doctor recommended magnetotherapy, fracture program x 8 hours at night, as a default already okay? with MAG 2000 PLUS

  43. Marcello says:

    Which device and which powers to supply for inflammation of the thigh muscles, rectus femoris and medial vastom?

    • Daniele says:

      Hi Marcello, the mentioned limb is one of the most difficult to treat with magnetotherapy as the electromagnetic field will have to reach deep. For this reason you need a device that delivers high power accompanied by a suitable applicator, preferably two. My advice is a MAG2000 PLUS or a LaMagneto Pro using a double radiating band at 120-150 Gauss. Sincerely

  44. Stefania says:

    Good evening, I have a broken fracture of the second metatarsal and the Magneto I use is the New dolpass. Gauss are pre-set so I can't edit them.
    Is the 16 hrz 4 hour program ok?
    Can I possibly continue the night?
    How long does it take to have appreciable results?
    Thanks for your attention and for any reply.

  45. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, I have algodystrophy in my foot, I'm using the arthritis program. I have a mag 2000, do you recommend a more effective program? Thanks

  46. Vincent Mottola says:

    Hello I have an algodystrophy in my foot, I have a biolife therapy device, I have set 30 hz and I am doing applications for a total of 6 localized hours, each application lasts 45 minutes. I often do two for forty-five continuous, but I notice that the foot is a bit in pain. Maybe I have to give a time gap between one application and another. Do you also advise me whether to do more, beyond the 6 localized hours, even the night with the mattress? My camera for the night shows only the hz that in operation run quickly changing continuously from 100 to 4500. Thanks in advance

  47. vincenzo lipomas says:

    Good morning. I have a la magneto pro.
    I would like to treat a rhizoarthrosis in the left hand with cap magnets. I understand that 25 hz and 50 gauss should be used. Confirm me please?
    Thank you

  48. AURORA ANNA FAT says:

    Good morning. I would like to know, please, how to set up the magnetotherapy device to treat scar adhesions and, in any case, an unfortunately disfiguring scar, which I remained after a technically successful carotid surgery (it prevented me from ischemia), but terrible aesthetically (the previous operation on the other carotid was, however, performed in a workmanlike manner). I am grateful if you could show me

    Grateful for your kind attention, I am waiting and best regards.

    Aurora Anna Grasso

    • Daniele says:

      Dear Anna, I am sorry to inform you that it is not possible to successfully treat scars with magnetotherapy. In his case, however, laser treatments could be effective, to be done in outpatient sessions and under the advice of a cosmetic surgeon. Sincerely

  49. giancarlo says:

    Good morning,
    I read about power level values ​​to be set between 50-100 gauss but I see that in the market there are models with much higher maximum heats such as 200 or 250 gauss. When are these values ​​useful?

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, very high powers are useful in treatments where there is a lot of electromagnetic field dispersion, and very deep areas to be treated such as column or pelvis. A practical example is the night total body treatments with a radiant mattress. Sincerely

  50. Davide says:

    Hello I have 5 fractured vertebrae: C5, D3, D4, D5 and D6. I wanted to know how to set up the machine and how long to do the treatment for it to be effective.

  51. Luca says:

    Good morning,
    In a car accident I have a bad multi-fragmentary fracture of the proximal third shaft of the right femur and a multi-fragmentary fracture composed of the right medial tibial hemiplate. Do you think it is better to use the pair of solenoids or the band or both? And with what intensity and frequency? Thanks for the reply. Best regards.

  52. Elisa says:

    Hello, I bought a Mag 2000 Plus which will arrive in days, for my husband who had a bad fracture in his tibia. He underwent an operation and replacement of the tibial plate, the hospital in fact also recommended magnetotherapy. I guess there is a specific program. However, I would also like to use the machine for other pathologies and disorders. Are there any settings for knee chondromalacia? I also suffer from leg pain and joint inflammation. Besides frequent tendonitis in the arm. My daughter has reactive arthritis and often in the acute phase she has acute joint arthritis, even of what I think the Mag2000Plus has arthritis setting so I assume there is a setting. However, I accept suggestions. Another thing, I have read that in Globus there is a setting for bronchial asthma, that you know is there a possible setting? Excuse me for the many questions but I would like to make the most of this purchase. thank you so much

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning Elisa and thank you for your question. Magnetotherapy can help cure many diseases and the device you have purchased is able to do it very well. Our advice, however, is to always consult a doctor first to understand if the treatment can really help and if the subject is not at risk of side effects. It is true that it is an adjuvant, but it is good to always consider the individual case and the general state of health before starting a therapeutic cycle. Sincerely

  53. Nicola says:

    Good evening, I bought itech mag 2000 magnetotherapy and I should set the values ​​for supraspinatus tendinosis which is absent in the preset programs. What values ​​to put?

  54. Maria says:

    Hello, I have a Mag 2000, I have been diagnosed with a hard toe, what intensity and frequency should I set? Thanks a lot and best regards

  55. Beatrice says:

    I have a dorsal 9 vertebra fracture, I have a Mag 2000 plus appliance and the pad. I would like to know correct Gauss and Hertz setting. I also noticed that in the mat the rows of solenoids are on the two extreme sides while the central part has none, but the column lying down remains in correspondence with the empty band. All right.? Thank you for the advice you will want to give me.

  56. morris says:

    Good morning,
    I bought an I-TECH osteomat mat with 8 solenoids + May 2000 I-TECH for the treatment of osteoporosis, I wanted to know these things: - what frequency to set - at what intensity GAUSS - if I can do the night treatment for 8-10 hours - position on the stomach or even on the hips
    - how to position the solenoids
    Thank you very much, cordially

  57. Michele says:

    Good morning. I bought an itech mag 2000 plus. What are the recommended values ​​for treating L4-L5-S1 disc disease with sciatica?
    Presence of signs of spondylosis of the vertebral bodies most evident between L4-L5. What applicator do you recommend to use? I think I understand that the best in this case is the 40 × 40 cm mat. If necessary, the treatment can be done with 3 solenoid band or 2 high intensity solenoid applicator supplied? Greetings

  58. Giancarlo Di Florio says:

    Hello, I have a May 2000 plus, the physiatrist has diagnosed me, medial left knee pain due to medial meniscopathy associated with initial chondropathy, what are the hz power values ​​to set, the duration of the therapy and the cycle of sessions. thank you.

  59. Susanna says:

    Good morning
    I should be treating medial meniscosis; they advised me to use the “arthritis” program with two solenoids, but the device only sets the frequency to 30 hz; how can I. Set time and gauss? Sleep high 1.66 and weight 54kg.
    Thank you

  60. Nelly says:

    Message: Hi, I have a Mag 2000 and would like to use it for sciatica. It includes a band with 3 solenoids. Which schedule should I set up? Or alternatively, how many hertz and gauss? Thanks so much.

  61. Gianfranco says:

    Hello, I have meniscus with effusion and I am treating the part with the auto scan program of the mag2000plus. I'm doing the right thing or I'm changing the schedule. Thank you

  62. Nicholas Dascanio says:

    Good morning. I am using a MAG2000, I have been diagnosed with intra-cancellous edema in the cuboid bone of the foot. In reality, they didn't recommend any magnetic field values ​​or frequency, they just told me to follow the "fracture" program. I wanted to have an opinion about it, thank you very much.

  63. Ignazio says:

    Good morning, I was diagnosed with rectus femoris tendonitis. I have "Mag 2000plus". Can I know hertz, gauss, application time and number of sessions? I have both the band and the 2 solenoids, do I use the solenoids? Thank you.

    • Daniele says:

      Hello Ignatius, you can look for the “tendonitis” pathology in the table in this article and see the settings recommended by the medical protocols. Yours sincerely

  64. Luca says:

    Hello, I have a knee affected by femoro-rotuelea chondropathy for the past 14 years, performed cartilage cleaning and several infiltrations of hyaluronic acid, recently also infiltrations with stem cells with lipogems protocol. The knee does not cooperate and I have also had algodystrophy in the head of the femur, patella and head of the tibia, as well as the musculature of the vastus medialis absent, despite several attempts at reinforcement. Being a chronic disease and having a young age, what treatment could I do to improve the situation? How many Hz, gauss, hours per day and months of treatment do you recommend to be able to see changes? Thanks and best regards

    • Daniele says:

      Good morning Luca, regular cycles of magnetotherapy can help to relieve the area and help relieve pain, but never as in your situation the treatment can only be a simple adjuvant, as the problem must be solved at the root. Try 60-day night cycles, with 8-hour sessions, even 3 times a year. Yours sincerely

  65. Etleva says:

    Good morning. I have the left knee with algodystrophic syndrome with medial tibial hemiplate. I am overweight and with a fairly large knee. Can you help me with the right parameters of magnetotherapy?
    Thank you

    • Daniele says:

      Hello, you can refer to the recommended parameters for treating knee algodystrophy, indicated in the tables in this article. Yours sincerely

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