Get to know Magnetotherapy

How does magnetotherapy work? If you're here, it's because maybe you're looking for information on the principles on which pulsed magnetic field therapy is based, also called CEMP. Do you want to know if magnetotherapy can help you to cure a pathology or a passing trauma? You are in the right place! In fact, in this section of the VEM blog you can find all the information on magnetotherapy that you may need.

Discover the fantastic effect that pulsed magnetic fields have on the human body.
Take only a few minutes to read this and find out what are the benefits of magnetotherapy, learning to do it correctly and safely by first checking the contraindications. Follow our advice on how to do magnetotherapy in your home in a practical and economic way, making the most of the fantastic properties of this innovative treatment.


How to set up the magnet therapy device?

Many are asking us how to correctly program the magnetotherapy device to treat the pathology to be treated, without risking to nullify its effect. In fact, unless you already have experience with this type of device, the risk of throwing away 30 or more days of therapy is real! A good rule would be to [...]


Magnetotherapy at home: how to do it correctly

If you want to know how to do magnetotherapy at home, understand how it is applied and understand how it works, this short article could be for you. In previous articles we have analyzed the effects and benefits of magnetotherapy, we have seen what is possible to cure with magnetotherapy and what are the characteristics that a device must have [...]


Magnetotherapy: choose the right device

In this article I will show you how to choose a magnet therapy device for you or a family member, untangling ourselves among the numerous offers that the market offers today. In this regard, I want to remind you that, although magnetotherapy is a therapy without side effects, the use of a machine to carry out cycles is always indicated [...]


Magnetotherapy: what it is, benefits and when it is good to use it.

For some time now, in the curative field, whether you have been to your doctor, or online on various blogs in the sector, you have probably heard or read about magnetotherapy and its benefits. We have been talking about it for several years now, and that sector operators have been using and [...]