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Benefits of iontophoresis

Have you advised or prescribed a cure to do with iontophoresis and do not know what to expect? No problem, we'll help you! In fact, after reading this short article you will certainly be able to better evaluate the benefits and to know the relevant aspects.

What is iontophoresis and how it works

Let's start by saying that when we talk about Iontophoresis, we talk about electrotherapy. Its peculiarity is that of being able to administer drugs subcutaneously, without the aid of syringes, needles or tablets. I'll explain quickly how it works: electrodes connected to an electrostimulator are placed inside absorbent sponges soaked in medicine. Once placed in correspondence with the area to be treated, these transmit small pulses of direct current. The current, passing from one electrode to another (from the positive to the negative pole or vice versa), ionizes the drug in the sponge and conveys it under the epidermis making it easily reach the tissues to be treated. Are you thinking maybe that you do not like the idea of ​​the current on your body? Do not worry! It is a current with very low intensities and at most it will make you feel only a slight tingling.
Now I want to illustrate the benefits you get by taking care with iontophoresis.

The advantages of iontophoresis

The advantages that are obtained by taking drugs through ionophoresis are different. First of all, iontophoresis is a therapy painless, in which the drug is administered in a localized way. This leads to a rapid therapeutic effect and consequent shorter recovery times. In fact, studies have shown that the use of ionized drug remains longer in the affected tissues, 100 times more often being absorbed than taking an oral drug. Then, results faster, but with less amount of medication. Another advantage concerns the absence of side effects which should be taken by taking oral or intravenous drugs, such as gastritis, metabolite formation, excipients, etc.
In short, with all these benefits and advantages, it seems that ionophoresis is a real godsend for those who use it! Still, there is yet another important aspect to consider!

Iontophoresis and electrotherapy

So far I have explained to you what are the advantages that you have in taking a drug via trandermal through iontophoresis. In fact, with ionophoresis, thanks to the use of continuous currents at low intensity, the so-called is also created TENS effect. You may have already heard about TENS and its properties, but otherwise I will just say that applying micro currents to nerve endings makes them hyperpolarized, with the consequent raising the pain threshold on the treated part. A nice advantage for the patient, it is like taking a painkiller but without all the contraindications of the case!

What to cure with iontophoresis

Thanks to its properties and its versatility of application, ionophoresis is successfully used for the treatment of painful localized pathologies such as arthrosis, arthritis, sciatica, but also as a safe treatment for back pain, neck pain, muscular tears or problems with knee joint. In general it is fine for treating local inflammation or as a pain therapy. It is widely used as a remedy against hyperhidrosis, or the accentuated sweating both in the limbs and in the armpits, and is a valid remedy against the IPP (Induratio PenisPlastica or La Peyronie's disease), presenting itself to the male genital apparatus with an erection of the penis in erection. It is also widely used in dentistry and in the aesthetic field, for example for hair care or cellulite.

Advice on electrostimulators for iontophoresis

Now that you've come to read this far, I want to give you some little information on how to choose one iontophoresis apparatus. If you already have an electrostimulator in your home, make sure it's a CE certified device as a medical device and have programs dedicated to iontophoresis, because otherwise unfortunately it will not be fine. In fact, iontophoresis requires programs that generate a current that correctly ionizes the chosen drug.
If your electro-stimulator already has suitable programs, you may just need one iontophoresis kit, like the one included in the packages of new appliances. This kit includes silicone electrodes, absorbent sponges and electrode stops.
If you need to use it temporarily, you can evaluate a rental formula. In this case you can benefit from our experience and advice, as well as clearly an obvious one savings.

Contraindications and side effects of iontophoresis

Iontophoresis does not present any side effects, except those related to hypersensitivity or allergy to the active principles used. However, I want to remind you that it is not recommended to perform direct treatments with electrotherapy in areas of the body that present abrasions, dermatitis, exposed wounds or near metal implants. Furthermore, electrotherapy is contraindicated in pregnant women, in patients with pacemakers, cardio-defibrillator implants, and in people suffering from cardiac arrhythmias or epilepsy.


At this point, you will surely have an idea about ionophoresis. Although the benefits of transdermal delivery are very important compared to a traditional drug therapy, when it comes to health my advice is not to make decisions independently, but always rely on a professional medical specialist who may first evaluate your general health and your lifestyle, then to eventually write some iontophoresis sessions.
I hope this article was to your liking! In this case, share it with your friends and leave your comments below! Thanks for your attention, see you next time!

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