Rheumatoid arthritis treatment, diagnosis and therapy

In this article we are going to face therheumatoid arthritis and I will show you what they are cycle, diagnosis , nucleoside to be able to cure it.

First I will explain to you what is therheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis it is a chronic condition that can affect males and females (although it is more common in females). It therefore affects both men and women, of any age and can cause limitation of the function and movement of the joints. It can also cause swelling, pain and joint stiffness.

Now that you have understood what rheumatoid arthritis is, I will show you what the parts of the body that therheumatoid arthritis it affects and what its symptoms are.
The most affected parts are tendons, muscles, symmetrical joints, synovium and bags. Obviously, what is important is to know the symptoms to be taken into consideration to treat therheumatoid arthritis.

The symptoms are represented by the swelling of the joints, the stiffness of the parts affected by the disease and their swelling. In some cases also fever, weight loss, deformity of the affected joints, muscular hypotrophy, heat sensation and joint pain.

these symptoms you absolutely must not underestimate them, because they represent a wake-up call to seriously consider to start preventing the disease and prevent it from spreading.

In the next section we will find out what are the most effective treatments for treating therheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis cures

Now that we have made a general picture on therheumatoid arthritis and we understand what it is and above all what its symptoms are in order to be able to start treating it, let's find out what the treatments are.

The most important thing, even if it could be trivial, is a constant control of therheumatoid arthritis, so as to monitor the disease step by step. In this way it will be possible to see how it reacts to therapies and medicines and change them if the results are not satisfactory.

But you are wondering: what is the most effective way to monitor it? Don't worry, the answer is simple: through regular medical visits. Medical examinations that include laboratory tests, such as urine and blood tests, and X-rays.

That said, one thing must be kept in mind: there is still no recognized pharmacological treatment, and therefore effective, to cure therheumatoid arthritis.

Don't be alarmed though, because physiotherapy and drugs can control it and above all reduce the pain it causes.

Remember that in subjects where the state is advanced or more serious, the disease can be treated with surgery, with which it is possible to try to correct the joint damage. In more serious cases, on the other hand, joint prostheses are necessary.

Now I will show you what medicines a patient can take to whom the disease has not yet been ascertained.

Let's start from NSAIDs, which fades the affected part of the body and relieves pain, but if used in the long term it can have side effects such as ulcers, stomach pain or traces of blood in the stool.

Then there are the Corticosteroids whose long-term administration can have the effect of thinning the bones, ecchymoses, weight gain, cataracts, diabetes, hypertension, swelling of the face. This treatment should not be interrupted suddenly.

- Opioid analgesics suitable for moderate to severe treatment and resistant to other painkillers.

We then move on to the Antiarthritics and immunomodulators which, through the stimulation of the immune system, block the degeneration of the disease.

To conclude there are i Biological drugs used by the sick of active rheumatoid arthritis, after 2 years of cures without benefits with the classic antirheumatic drugs.

Diagnosis rheumatoid arthritis

Before starting to explain to you which diagnosis to make, I state one thing: it is not absolutely easy to diagnose therheumatoid arthritis because the symptoms are very different from person to person and because there are no specific tests that identify it.

Precisely for this reason, many exams and tools are used to find out if it is a question of rheumatoid arthritis or others rheumatic diseases, since in some cases the symptoms are similar and easy to confuse.

In this chapter we go to find out what are the tools that the treating doctor uses to find out if it really is rheumatoid arthritis.

The first step is certainly that of interview with the patient, who will help the doctor to understand what are the symptoms of the person concerned, how much and with what intensity is present.

In addition to the interview, the first diagnosis includes a exam deepening of joints, muscles and reflexes.

Subsequently, after this first phase, it will be necessary to undergo in-depth and specific examinations. Let's go and find out what they are:


  • Test for the presence of rheumatoid factor


  • Erythrocyte sedimentation factor
  • Anemia test
  • White blood cell count



Now that the diagnoses to be made are clear, in the next chapter we are going to discover the therapies to treat it.

Rheumatoid arthritis therapy

To conclude, after having illustrated the cycle , diagnosis, let's find out the nucleoside.

There are many therapies available to successfully treat therheumatoid arthritis and recovering the functionality of the joints that they damage, one of the most effective is certainly that of magnetotherapy.

La magnetotherapy helps regress both pain and inflammation that produces rheumatoid arthritis through the pulsed magnetic fields.

I want to clarify that the magnetotherapy it absolutely must not replace drugs, in fact it is an excellent natural remedy to alleviate the pain and inflammation that rheumatoid arthritis causes.


The last advice I want to give you is that the magnetotherapy, unlike drugs, it does not have problems of overdose or side effects, for this reason it is recommended to carry out regular annual cycles, fundamental for the regression of rheumatoid arthritis and above all that before deciding to start a magnetotherapy process it is important to consult a doctor.

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