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Rent from € 3,00 per day all inclusive

Low frequency magnetic therapy device for high intensity treatments, with applicators of your choice.

Rent from € 4,00 per day all inclusive

Apparatus for home ultrasound therapy treatments, complete with handpiece suitable also for water therapies.

Rent from € 8,00 per day all inclusive

Kinetec device for passive knee and hip rehabilitation, on Rome and its province.

Rent from € 3,50 per day all inclusive

Professional device for home treatment of iontophoresis, complete with sponges and electrodes kit

Rent from € 6,00 per day all inclusive

Professional magnetotherapy device, ideal for all types of diseases, deep treatments and professionals.

Rent from € 12,00 per day all inclusive

Kinetec device for shoulder rehabilitation, on Rome and the province.

Rent from €2,10 per day all inclusive

Mattress for nocturnal cycles of magnetotherapy, particularly indicated for patients bedridden or to treat chronic pathologies.

Rent from € 5,00 per day all inclusive

Portable magnetotherapy device, battery powered with a universal soft applicator. Ideal for performing treatments in freedom of movement